Saturday, March 29, 2014

Bowling x Prata House with RSBatchies

Went bowling at Raffles Town Club with Huiru, Jamie and Daryl (thanks to last-minute ditchers) ((but still about a third of our batch lol)) during the March holidays! It was the first time bowling since years ago for me, and it took me three games, but I finally broke 100!!!11!1!1!!
113!!!!!!! ƪ(˘⌣˘)ʃ
(Natural fish-eye selfie!!! #livingontheedge)
Idk somehow I just find this photo very cute/funny hahahahaha
Met Qing Kai afterwards and went for lunch at The Roti Prata House before heading for band! Prata House is really good hehehe but so fattening (sobbles). Damien joined us afterwards, when we all finished eating. *moon emoji*
Met Darren on the way to school and it rained. It was really unfortunate but sharing an umbrella with Darren was…interesting and yeah I am even more convinced that he is the male version of myself (except with a heck more musical flair than me haha)
LOOKING FORWARD TO MORE BATCH OUTINGS/just spending time with them because they make me happy. ^_^

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