Friday, December 20, 2013

Kettling with Cheryl

ImageWhat better way to celebrate Christmas (the birth of Jesus) than by doing voluntary work? With that, Cheryl and I signed up for kettling at Lucky Plaza, for the Salvation Army. Kettling is basically like flag-day, except you don’t carry the tin and you don’t walk around asking for donations. Instead, you ring the (kettle) bell and stand by the pot of (gold, ha) donations as passers-by donate (or not). Each shift was two hours, and though it was only for a considerably short period of time, it was very tiring! One thing that intrigued me was that the bulk of donors were people dressed in normal-looking clothes, and thus were (assumed to be) the everyday Joes. Those who were dressed in elaborate and expensive-looking clothes, carrying designer bags and the like just glossed past us and continued strutting down the pathway. Interesting, isn’t it?
Anyway, after kettling, Cheryl and I went for lunch at the newly-opened Tiong Bahru Bakery at TANGS, where we shared a meal of Kouign Amann, Chocolate Lava Cake and a cappuccino. It was so sinful but yet so delicious (as are all fatty, sugary foods). After that, we took about a hundred photos in the various toilets found in TANGS because toilets have the best lightings.
The second paragraph is kind of unrelated but oh well.
Back to the crux of this post, (not really), I am kind of glad that I got to experience kettling with Cheryl yesterday as I’ve always seen volunteers kettling but never got the chance to participate myself. I’m excited for my next shift with Cheryl (again) on Monday outside TANGS! :-) If you happen to be around the area, please come and donate! Hahaha.

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