Saturday, February 08, 2014

Picnic with KMJJ

I went for a picnic at Botanic Gardens the other day (CNY Eve) with my friends from Secondary 2, Kelley, Min Hui and Joanne! It was quite a last-minute thing and also, we haven’t spoken much in two whole years! So the potential for awkwardness was really high. Thankfully, it was (kind of) just like old times, and we did have fun trekking through the Gardens and eating and singing and swinging!
Food for the picnic! There was sushi from Cold Storage (satisfying) and lots of other biscuits and smallish nibbles. It was really filling but felt rather unhealthy, though. :-(

We all swung on the swing to songs such as Wrecking Ball (it was hilariously apt) and a few other crazy songs we always sang/butchered in Sec 2 HAHA how #swaggy.

Played (?) with the ducklings and pigeons and swans! It was really funny because we saw two birds mating and the pigeons eating the swans’ poop. Also I (kind of) got over my fear of birds….ok actually no, I would always be afraid of flapping wings *shudder* 
There are a whole lot of other pictures but well they are more or less the same so bye!!!!!! :)
(Felt great to catch up with old friends)

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