Thursday, January 16, 2014

Raffles Snapshots (RI Year 5-6 Open House 2014)

Yesterday was the RI Open House for potential JAE (O-level) students to find out more about the school etc. The theme for this year’s Open House is Raffles Snapshots. It could be interpreted as “snapshots” of what life in RI is like, or an excuse to camwhore a lot haha. Both are good, actually. There was a photo booth where we could take and print photos but unfortunately, I didn’t realise that till seeing the photos posted by my seniors all over Instagram. :-( Nonetheless, we got polaroid photos taken courtesy of the Befrienders (I’m guessing they’re the students actively involved in the main planning/execution of Open House?) though I suspect the Polaroid settings were set wrongly because the photos ended up really dark (we took the photos when it was quite bright so…) Anyway, at least the iPhone photos turned out nice! :-) The decorations all around campus was really nice as well! I’m really impressed by the hard work and meticulous-ness of the Open House team, it’s really, just, WOW.
I AM SO SAD I DIDN’T GET TO WEAR CIVILIAN CLOTHES but that’s just because I was too lazy to bring (and change) clothes hahaha. Qing Kai (the band DSA dude) ((I think his name is Gion though…)) brought an entire outfit to change into haha but why trouble yourself if it is unnecessary??!
As I’m sort-of already in RI through band, I had to perform for the Open House! Our performance was at 9.30am (ish, depending on the crowd) and so we had to report by 7.30am at the band room. I arrived at 6.50am…haha the school is really dark and big and scary in the early morning so thankfully there were lots of eager-beaver RI (Secondary) boys there or I would have been completely lost inside the school.
The performance went pretty all right; though it was not as loud and resonant since the Multi-Purpose Hall (MPH) was quite big, and the doors were wide open. Also, I think our audience was mostly the Year 6s and just a sprinkling of Year 5s-to-be since it was pretty early. Anyway, performing early means I had more time to hang around the open house! :-)
I met Valerie, Shi Min and Victoria after walking across the entire Raffles campus back to the band room to keep my instrument and all that other stuff. They were on a tour and their tour guide (Befriender) was their church friend! So I just joined the tour with them and a few other people who were also in their church. Haha, well it was a little awkward but mostly fine.
Our Befriender (haha it feels really weird to use this term but bear with me please) was super enthusiastic and smiled a lot, which made Victoria laugh a lot and Victoria’s laughs are…hard to subside HAHAHA. It was quite contagious and we ended up laughing as well and our Befriender (Daniel Boey I think) was just like “Why y’all keep laughing at me?” and I felt so bad because we weren’t laughing AT him, per se. Anyway he was a pretty good guide and brought us around the JC campus, allowing us to have a feel of the school. It’s starting to seem more “manageable” now, in the sense that I won’t be utterly and completely lost. Just slightly lost, perhaps. He also answered some of our questions so we know what we are signing up for (if my friends decide to go to RI, that is) ((please please please)). Also, he seemed to be very popz (popular) ((it’s nicer said than written haha)) because a lot of other people kept coming up to our group to kajiao(disturb) him and it was quite funny. :-)
I saw quite a few familiar faces throughout the whole Open House. There was Carolyn, Abel and Esther from NavTeens; Vegas, Chuan Yao, Zhi Han, Kylie from Pei Hwa; Devni and Theng Yi from RSB (lul) and many more that I can’t remember right now!
There were also a few mascots (of the different houses, I think) roaming around, and one mascot that we kept bumping into was the gryphon with wings and a tail. It was really funny because the mascot was trying to “run” towards us but because of his (or her) costume, it was kind of hard so the “run” was in slow-motion, like in movies. Also, it whacked my head (according to Shi Min) when I bumped into it while walking out of the registration line HAHA. Accidentally, of course.
We got to watch the performances by Raffles Street Dance, Raffles Runway (where everyone looks so incredibly amazing like, your self-esteem just goes all the way down to the dogs), Raffles Dance Club and Raffles Chorale! They were all really really good, especially the dance groups! It was so very impressive I’m sure they will have lots of recruits this year.
(Raffles Runway)
Afterwards, I dragged Victoria to the band booth to put her name under the appeal list…thing as she was really impressed with Raffles after touring the school and everything. :-) She stands a chance, since she has 4 points. But then again, so does everybody else appealing into RI (/HC lol). :/ Anyway, she got her trombone sticker and here’s a happy photo of her with her sticker (strategically placed over her heart, to symbolise her love for RI and to join band hahahaha)
Ended Open House with Little Pancakes and Brownice with Val, Shi Min, Victoria and Beatrice (their church friend)! I’ll blog about Little Pancakes later (or when I go back again for a second try haha to give a fair-er review).
Note: We shared the ice-cream…I’m not a glutton :-(
I just realised the SMSB shirt is very very unflattering lol, at least for me.
I had to rush back to RI at 2.30pm though, because I had band practice till 7pm with RI (Secondary). I felt really claustrophobic because everyone was just SQUISHED together like what even. And one of the RI boys called me “ma’am” and I felt so old HAHAHA oh well. T’was a great day. :’)
<Okay so from here on is entirely just what I feel about this whole experience and it may be sappy and gross so if you feel bored you can just skip this>
<Disclaimer: The transitions are also pretty awkward>
So…I feel incredibly fortunate and definitely blessed to even be able to get into RI. Arithmetically, it is impossible for me to get in since I can only have a net score of 4 points (the unspoken cut-off is 2). The whole journey (DSA/Conditional JAE offer) was truly a grace from God. I could feel God’s hand actively involved during that whole process. Because (yes I know you can’t start a sentence with Because so please calm down, grammar ((/English)) nazis) of that, I knew straight away that God wanted me to go to RI. I’m also blessed in the sense that I don’t have to make any more of such decisions (well, now, anyway). I have many friends who are still undecided on which JC/Polytechnic to enrol for and I’m glad I don’t have to suffer that headache.
Seeing so many talented students in RI also makes me feel very humbled. Previously, I kept having thoughts that I didn’t deserve to be in RI and was no match for all those other multi-talented over-achievers. I was so so afraid yet annoyed with myself for thinking that way. Now, I still feel awed by the whole “scene” there, but I’m no longer afraid. Rather, I’m excited to join in their so-called league and better myself. (The best is yet to be, hahaha) The past few days/weeks/months have only served to increase my enthusiasm for being a Rafflesian and I’m just…so…happy now hahaha. (It’ll be a different story when school actually starts…)
ALSO, I think that a few of my St. Marg’s friends getting 2/3/4 points is a sign from God that I should not be alone in RI (as I had feared). It is my opinion that He has opened the pathways for them, who would never have dreamt of even being able to consider RI. Anyway, I’m just going to pray for all of them and leave it all in His hands. ^_^

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