Thursday, July 24, 2014


Yesterday was the seniors' farewell, which we affectionately named RSBye2014 hahaha! It was honestly quite a rush as our original planned schedule was scrapped a week or so before the actual event! Nonetheless, I think we did a great job!!! The seniors seemed to have fun and got a real kick out of seeing their unglam shots hung up (literally airing dirty laundry hahaha)! I feel so incredibly proud of all of us because we all pitched in, one way or another, despite all our busy schedules!!!

wew :-) :-) :-)
(evidently not very good with words)

#RSBye prep

Filming for the farewell video!!!

Monday mornings...haha we were supposed to meet in school at 7.30am but I woke up at 7.40am instead...felt like such a burden. :(

Nicholas' hairlets hahaha this was about 3 or 4 days after the shave.

Xiao Feng basically died laughing every two minutes while filming his bit hahahahahaha!

Khiamz, our resident videographer

Getting all the socks and faces ready!!!

Clara designed the Instaframe!!! It's really amazing like wow it blew my socks (lol) off!!!

Line of faces, just before the seniors came in!!!

Last practice

So the seniors wanted this last practice thing with Mr Lim, and they came up with a list of pieces they wanted to play! Firebird was one of them haha...ha...hahaha...ha. :( Anyway, it was pretty meaningful I guess because the ~feeling~ of playing together as a band pretty much encapsulates much of the band experience.


Because we had to set up the rooms for the Farewell while the seniors ate dinner, we ended up with only about fifteen minutes for dinner haha. Also, since Peng Yu and Elena were not there, Perina ended up sitting with the tubas and Mr Lim for Khiam Wee and I were left on our own hahaha. We ate with Nicholas and Clara and it was really great company, quoting from Shakespeare/other random lit texts hahaha!

Food was good too, sponsored by Mr Wong and Mr Lim! Thank you!!! :-)

Farewell itself

I think the seniors really got a kick out of the faces/socks! They spent a good half an hour or so laughing at one anthers' faces and honestly it felt really good because I was quite unsure of how they would react to it. I'm glad they were sporting haha or else things could've gotten really nasty... ALSO, it felt great seeing the seniors have fun haha, because it means we (sort of) have a successful Farewell!!! :-)

SLWWs 2014 hahaha

RSB 2014

RSB 2015

"Our entire batch can fit into one frame..."

Welcome to the brotherhood

Stroking of scalps hahahaha

I love you guys so so so so so much! Looking forward to the next year and a half!!!!!!!

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