Monday, December 30, 2013

Seniors' Farewell 2013

(The theme for this year’s farewell was Disney princess)
 Very witty names for the food provided. Off the back of my mind, I can recall the following;
Chip and Dale – Chocolate chip cookies
Princess and the Pea – Pea salad
(?) – Fried rice
WINGx Club – Chicken wings
Broccoli and the Beast – Broccoli and potato salad
(?) – Cocktail sausages
(?) – Chicken satay
(?) – Spaghetti in Prego sauce (hahaha) ((it was good nonetheless))
(?) – Brownie/Cupcake/Muffin (I’m not very sure what it is but it’s something like that)
and last but not least, the
Mac Hatter – Macaroni and cheese
I thought the naming of the food items was pretty clever. The food was all home-made by the committee members and it tasted much better than catered food because it was made with ~love~. Ha ha, I’m just kidding but it really did taste good (most of them, anyway). Ms Chang also bought mini Cornettos and chocolate éclairs which were, thankfully, still cold.
Kimberly and I, literally the double-reeds HAHAHA. Ok that wasn’t very funny. :-(
I think Mo Fei was one of the best dressed. She came as the Mad Hatter!
I was supposed to be Ana (Frozen) but felt too lazy to bring along my winter coat so…oh well.
Myself, Victoria and Sandra!
Sandra brought her Stitch along because that’s the only way people are going to know what she’s dressed as. I thought she was Mulan at first because the dress was so oriental-ish.
Myself, Emily and Kimberly
Mo Fei and I
(She wants to go to RI too!!! YAY)
Doublereeds 2013 sans Lim Ning and the oboe Sec 1
“If you want (to enjoy) the rainbow, you got to put up with the rain”
 Naasyidah and I! A pity that Ze Hui left earlier and Sang Ah is in Korea or we could’ve taken a complete MTDC-shot (ish)
(Turned out pretty cool eh?)
 Winnie and I
Afterwards, Victoria, Sandra and I headed to Botanic Gardens to walk off all the food we had earlier. It was quite a nice walk because it was quite windy that day. However, it started raining pretty soon and ended the whole thing.
This year’s Farewell was quite all right I suppose. The only gripe is that most of the seniors didn’t turn up because they were overseas/couldn’t be bothered/whatever. Only the clarinet seniors, tuba section, Victoria, Kimberly, Sandra, Min Hui, Ze Hui, Naasyidah, Nicole and I were present! (If I missed you out please don’t be offended, oops) The program was pretty normal as well, with games and all. I don’t really know what I was expecting though.

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