Friday, July 25, 2014

Speech Day 2014

Today was the long-awaited Speech Day!
I arrived at St. Marg's pretty early (waaay before the reporting time hur hur) and met Cherie and Naasyidah there, so we decided to do a bit of adventuring around the school!

Basically we just went around the school taking photos haha, not that hard a task seeing how small the school campus is.

Went up to the gallery to listen to the band play Pomp and Circumstance (lol) and reminisce the morning assemblies spent sleeping

Obnoxiously-placed stars hahaha

(don't even ask)

4E6!!! :')

More people came shortly after and we just did what St. Marg's girls do best...take countless photos haha

True friends share cupcakes...but we just want to share the fats

For the first time ever Kimberly actually posed for a photo hahaha ^_^

Victoria left after getting her prize because she had to rush back to ACJC for band...:(

Our kiss-cringe :-)


Daphne the bimbz!!!

I've tons of selfies/random strange queer photos with Cherie but really few proper nice normal sane ones HAHAHA, this is very reflective of our relationship.


"guys let's take a proper one first"


My group of dysfunctional friends a.k.a. Chinese burdens who got As for Chinese WEW




Yay!!! :-) Last-ever time collecting a prize in St. Marg's hahaha

After the whole ceremony (which dragged on forever oh man), they asked the graduands to gather at the parade square for a photo, so we all just stood there being photographed by parents, while waiting for the guests of honour to come...I have never felt so much like a zoo animal/museum live exhibit in my life. It was literally fifteen minutes of plastered smiling. But hey, we will never get to feel as important as this again, so why not! Hahaha.

Took a selfie while being zoo animals haha

Mrs Yang! :-)

Mrs Rethinam! The first thing she said was "aiyo your skirt so short ah?!?" hahaha but it's normal length :(

Ms Tan!!! She never allowed us to take photos of/with her and told us our only chance would be during Speech Day to incentivise us to study hard hahaha!

super fail jumpshot which actually looks rather artsy haha

4E6 (or a third of it)

Ending off with this extremely unflattering photo of myself because why not?

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