Sunday, February 16, 2014

Swatow Seafood Restaurant Dim Sum High Tea buffet

I stumbled upon a review of Swatow’s dim sum buffet and…here we are! (or were…)
Located above Giant supermarket in To a Payoh, Swatow can be pretty difficult to find. It’s literally a hole-in-the-wall restaurant! The outside is pretty drab-y but the interior is very elaborately decorated to its oriental theme.
Theirs is not an a-la-carte buffet, but rather a push-cart-style buffet, where you grab (not literally) whatever food you want as the waitresses push the food trolleys around the restaurant. The downside to this is that you may not get offered all the food items that they serve. We almost missed out on the har gow, if not for a waitress asking us if we had any last orders nearing to the end of the buffet. :-(
Nevertheless, the food at Swatow hovers around average/slightly above, though the service staff could use some improvement. (The waitresses were gossiping with one another while serving customers/some blatantly walked past our table without letting us get our food!)
ImageThe mini egg tarts were really mini, but that’s good because they weren’t that good to waste calories on. The shell was a bit too thick though buttery, and the egg custard was just meh. Actually, it was just too small to get any real kick out of it.
The BBQ pork bun (char siew pau) was really good! I enjoyed the fluffy bread casing that I actually finished the whole thing, for once. I usually just eat the filling and not eat the bread but this bread was really nice. The pork filling was sweet as well, and it was overall a really good pau. Hehe. 
Black sesame pau! It was molten inside which was really fun to see, but I don’t like black sesame much so I didn’t really enjoy it. BUT it’s always fun to watch fillings ooze out of paus!
ImagePaper-wrapped chicken
Each person gets one serving of abalone kueh pie tee, Peking duck crepe and shark’s fin soup. The KPT had wasabi mayonnaise in it and was too strong for my liking. I ate the duck crepe without realising that the sauce was meant to accompany it so it was quite bland for me (serves me right right :() but thankfully I got to enjoy the shark’s fin soup! I know it’s not really in the world’s best interest whenever we consume shark’s fin soup but it’s so darned delicious! Plus it’s not as if I had a choice…so please don’t rage hahaha.
ImageImageImageImagePandan-flavoured salted egg yolk paus! The “must eat” at every dim sum feast, and the pau which has dozens of hashtags dedicated to it. I loved the salted egg yolk custard filling but the pandan was quite out of place when contrasted with the custard.
ImageSome durian-banana fritter thing which was pretty gross, IMO. 
Other unpictured-yet-delicious food items include the red bean-banana pancake, curry chicken pau and mango pudding (!!!).
I rolled out of the restaurant, despite eating only one of each food item (and I didn’t even try all!) This goes to show how big the variety of dim sum Swatow offers. I probably wouldn’t be back soon because it’s never good to over-eat but I would recommend it for a value-for-money dim sum buffet fix! :-)

Swatow Restaurant Pte Ltd
Blk 181 Lorong 4 Toa Payoh
Singapore 310181

Tel: 6363 1717 
Fax: 6252 2342

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