Tuesday, August 19, 2014

An August Ariosa

My final performance for this concert season ended with the Singapore National Youth Sinfonia (SNYS) chamber concert, An August Arioso at the SOTA concert hall! It was more of an ensemble concert, with a brass ensemble, woodwind quintet (with 11 players, because that is what a quintet calls for, right?), strings ensemble, percussion ensemble etc. It was pretty fun!

We had to be at SOTA at 2.30pm for a soundcheck in full concert attire. The guys' attire is generally fine, but the girls' concert gown is really inconvenient. No way is a maxi heavy skirt easy to run around in! So anyway, after our soundcheck, I went to Starbucks with Ashley and Samuel!

Chilling with them over a cinnamon raisin bagel (me) and drinks (them) was rather relaxing and we ended up chatting. I actually intended to do PW there but...hahaha!
(I made up for PW after, I'm not a burden!)

After Starbucks, we still had a bit of time left because our item was after intermission, so it was about 6.10pm! We strolled around Plaza Singapura for a while to kill time and to "burn off the bagel" (imagine that in Mean Girls!). We went into La Senza for fun because it was literally just calling out to us!!! Hahaha the stuff there is absolutely ridiculous and impractical, I feel, but there's a market for that I suppose.

Sam was too awkward/embarrassed to be seen in this hahahahaha

After walking about aimlessly, we found ourselves walking into the Yamaha music shop haha! I like how we naturally gravitated there, almost as if there were an internal music compass programmed inside of the GPS of our brains. Tinkled with the pianos and looked around at stuff we could never afford ($40,000 grand piano ahem) before heading back to SOTA!

We saw the SNYO woodwinds there as well, as they were performing a woodwind sextet (with 6 people) for the concert as well! I got to know some of them (Rui Xue, Benny, David) through the previous SNYO concert and also through the recent OMM concert (David haha) and they are really friendly people! I actually felt quite accepted in their company haha that's a good thing, right? :-)

Pretty soon, it was our turn to perform! We were the first act after the intermission, so when we were backstage, just about to go up, the lights and all were really really dim! I felt like I was just about to go on a roller-coaster ride. The ten minutes passed really quickly! I didn't break down on my running note bits and wasn't too grossly out-of-tune (I'm pretty certain the SOTA concert hall experiences a different climate from the rest of Singapore), so I guess I felt pretty relieved. :-)

We went back to the dressing room to pack up to leave but Jaben had to stay on to perform for the brass ensemble haha, which is also why he isn't in the group photos!!! (the bojio was not intentional)

Mrs Teoh was helping us take the photos, and told us to "shout BRASSES!" and totally did not realise her error until about two minutes later HAHAHA. Perhaps its because the brasses were performing and their performance was broadcast on the television in the dressing room so she got ~influenced~. It was really funny, though haha. So technically, Jaben was in the photo...hm.

Thank you guys for being my sources of sanity in YS :-) I don't feel so old with you guys around HAHAHA. It was really great getting to know y'all and I think it's kinduv a good thing y'all were in YS first because otherwise we wouldn't have met and all our great memories wouldn't have been created/shared!!! I look forward to seeing you guys around in YO in the near future hur hur hur :-)))))

Thanks Jaben the half-woodwind for playing similar parts with me so the bass line is not totally inaudible!!! I really am glad you aren't fourteen and I look forward to playing with you more! :-)

This sums up my SNYS performance! There'll be another one in November so...yep nothing is ever really over (ha..ha)

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