Saturday, August 09, 2014

Farewell for Michelle and Lawrence

Today we had our tribe National Day outing cum Farewell for Michelle and Lawrence at the Botanic Gardens! Michelle and Lawrence are migrating to America next week so we decided to hold a surprise picnic as a form of farewell for them. :-)

It was quite successful and they didn't suspect a thing (even when Charlotte told them to come at 10am instead of 9am) ((so we had time to set up)) all until they were walking towards us and saw us sitting around the mat (tarp, rather). We were supposed to hide behind trees or bushes when Kirsten led them towards the picnic area, then run out to surprise them but apparently we weren't fast enough...hahaha! Oh well :-)

We ended up moving picnic spots three times to avoid the sun. It was really really hot :-(

There was a lot of food!!! I bought pizza bread and the Hades bread from Duke bakery but I don't think it was enough for everyone. :-( Other than that, there were ham sandwiches, fish fingers, seaweed chicken, chicken karage, roasted chicken (so much chicken hehe), sausages, tuna, biscuits, potato salad, potato chips and drinks!!! It was all really yummy too :-)

Preparing the cards for Michelle and Lawrence!

Setting up the food

Michelle and Lawrence being (partially) surprised at our, um, surprise.


After eating and chatting, we took photos because some people had to leave earlier!
(myself included :()

Asher playing with Yi Wen's selfie stick (which is remote-controlled!!!)

We took lots of Polaroids as well hahaha it was a fun outing and I hope everyone enjoyed themselves!!! :-)

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