Saturday, August 23, 2014

津津冷热饮品 Jin Jin Dessert

This little shop at ABC Brickworks Food Centre has been on my go-to list for the longest time! I finally got a chance to try it and found it so delicious I had to keep returning for more! I have visited on three different occasions, and I felt it was about time to write a proper post about it here. :-)

On the first visit, I tried the Power Chendol ($2) and the Gangster Ice ($2.50) (mango ice with a scoop of durian ice-cream/puree)!

I heard lots of people raving about the amazing homemade gula melaka which was sticky and sweet and basically contributed to ninety percent of the food porn. However, I was a bit disappointed I suppose. I had my expectations so high up that what I received seemed paltry, in comparison to what I had imagined such a Power Chendol to be. As you can see from the photos, the gull melaka was nice-looking, but not absolutely heavenly fantastic-kind of nice. Still, I enjoyed the chendol, even though I did find it a bit overrated.

I was also convinced to try their signature Gangster Ice, which is a hybrid of mango and durian. Mango and durian in Chinese actually "spells" liu mang which translates to "gangster", for those of you who don't know! The generous cubes of mango were just a bit sour, but the scoop of durian ice-cream/puree (I really can't tell...haha!) made up for that. It was rather ordinary, but satisfying nonetheless.

My second visit saw myself ordering a Mount Fuji ($2.50) and a Power Chendol.

Boy, was I glad I gave the chendol a second chance! As you can see, the thickness of the gull melaka was much more gooey than during my first visit! Though this may hint at consistency issues, I'm more than willing to let that pass and take my chances because this is really the bomb diggity! The gull melaka really makes a big difference in the chendol. The sticky palm sugar gives a pleasant contrast to the rich coconut milk. However, towards the end, the gull melaka settles along the bottom of the bowl and it does get a bit cloying when you eat it at a (uh) high concentration. (Is this an indication of too much chemistry?!)

The Mount Fuji was essentially green tea shaved ice piled high with delectable red beans. The red beans used here were sweeter and more paste-like than the red beans in the chendol, but not so pastey to the extent of being similar to those in red bean paus. It was really delicious! The green tea fragrance was also sufficiently brought out, contrary to my initial skepticism. It is a great alternative to the Power Chendol for days when you don't feel like having something so "heavy".

Finally, on my latest visit (which was last night, actually), we ordered 2 bowls of Power Chendol and finished it within minutes. As you can see, the gull melaka looks simply glorious. It was amazing. I can't wait to try more desserts from this stall! :-)

*Of course, with all popular hawker stalls, Jin Jin Dessert has a perennial long queue in front of it, even on weekday nights! But the wait isn't that long as service is brisk, so don't be put off by the long queue! You won't regret it, that's for sure!*

Jin Jin Dessert
6 Jalan Bukit Merah, #01-20
ABC Brickworks Market /Food Centre
Singapore 150008
Open daily: 12pm – 12am

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