Saturday, August 09, 2014

National Day celebration 2014

To be honest, I was rather apprehensive about National Day celebrations in RI. National Day was kind of a big thing in St. Marg's, and each year's celebration would be really fun! I doubted if RI could supersede these "standards" set by St. Marg's, and in a way, it has.

We started the celebrations by having the usual National Day morning assembly protocol thingamajig (not entirely sure what it is called) with the uniformed groups' representatives barking out commands and executing them with much precision! After which we had a couple of different performing arts CCAs and bands performing their respective items for us! Think Jazz, Rock, Street Dance, Indian Dance, Pong's band, etc. The performers gave a brilliant show!!! Everyone was "wew"-ing and cheering after each item, because they were really that good (and also to support friends, but still)!!!

The best part of the celebrations, though, would usually be the community singing, where everyone sings (or tries to) along to oldie but goodie National Day songs! However, only a few songs were chosen to be sung today, so that was kind of a bummer. :-(

Anyway, after the whole performance segment, we were left free to roam around the different activity booths set up for the event/class picnic with free satay, ice-cream, muah chee etc.!!!

Met Darren and Jamie in the MPH!

Audrey and I made a beeline for the face-painting booth! We were quite early so we didn't have to wait very long before it was our turn! I was quite pleased with the final outcome!!! The artists are really good haha they literally let us pick any design we wanted (sourced from Google images) and would help us paint them on our faces!!! Much thanks to these talented people!!!

Damien passed by, laughed at me for a while and then volunteered to help me take photos HAHAHA

It turned out pretty nice right?!? :-)

I have really weird friends (Denise, Chloe) but that's what I love about them!!!

Audrey and I being pimped by Jia Qi hahaha!


Took lots of strange photos with Denise today hahahahahaha this is us experimenting with body shapes

Then out of the blue these two guys came and tackled Jia Qi

Being the professional third-wheel

chiaqi and suandrew in one photo!!!

We saw Mr Chris walk by and then asked to take a photo with him!
"Can we pretend we are friends so it won't seem as awkward as it is?"

Then we had bio make-up lesson :-(
(also my face paint was coming off)


Thank you to the councillors and teachers for planning the event, and my friends who made it super fun for me!!!!

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