Saturday, August 16, 2014

OMM: The Planets

On Wednesday, I performed with the Orchestra of Music Makers (OMM) for their concert! They needed a bassoonist to fill in the third bassoon part so my tutor asked if I was interested so here I am (was)!!! :-)

I only played The Planets though, so I got to watch the first half of the performance from the audience! I was seated at the balcony and when I went in, I saw Carin there! Apparently her church friend is one of the violinists.

I really enjoyed the Bernstein piece (Chichester Psalms), the choir was really good! The boy soprano was also...mind-blowingly amazing. The second piece was a violin concerto. The soloist seemed really ~in the zone~ haha. His face while playing (I could see everything pretty clearly from the balcony haha) was super intense and he literally had sweat all over his face whoa. He was rly good (no duh HAHA) but I kind of zoned out a bit in the middle haha. I guess I still don't appreciate works solely for strings very well.

Anyway, if you are interested, there are two reviews on the concert here! They might give you a better, uh, critical analysis on the concert than I could.


During the intermission, I rushed backstage to prepare to get onstage (is it just me or are there too many "stage"s in this sentence)! It was pretty unnerving, but after jumping into Mars, the seven movements just whizzed by and before long, the last eerie voice from the choir disappeared out of "orbit".

I felt it was a really fun experience playing in this concert because it really challenged me haha. Okay fine my part is much easier compared to others but my level of skill is much much lower than the average player there hahahaha so it kind of balances out!!! That is not to say I managed a perfect performance though. I did make a few small mistakes and one rly big boo boo (don't ask it's really bad hahaha) ((rly sorry to everyone because now when you hear the recording it'll be...tainted haha :()) BUT it's my first time so I guess things can only get better from here. :-) Overall, it was a wonderful learning experience for me and I feel really blessed to be given this chance haha (yay for the rarity of bassoonists here)! It was definitely worth being crazy busy for a few weeks for!!!

Thank you Victoria and Sang Ah for attending the concert!!! My SMSB-JC band homies hehe. Victoria really enjoyed the concert haha she was asking me to jio her for the next OMM concert HAHA.

Also big thank you to the family who drove me up and down to and from SOTA for rehearsals!!! :-) The flower was bought by my brother, who didn't attend the concert haha. I'm quite touched actually! Mother told me he actually said "Save the money to buy flowers for jie-jie!!!" aww :'-)

Darren!!!!!!!!! Thanks for being my initial-OMM-buddy hahaha it was really comforting to see a familiar face at the start where everything/everyone was foreign to me!

Xiao Feng and Wei Ze also came, but left earlier because the concert ended pretty late (10pm?). THANKS GUYS for your constant support rly y'all are the best :-) :-) :-)

So this sums up my stint with the OMM! :-)

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