Saturday, August 09, 2014

RSB Outing: Karaoke!

Since we ended band (relatively) early today, we decided to go for a batch outing!!! The original plan was to go ice-skating at Kallang, but then we found out Kallang Ice World was closed for renovations. Then, we settled on going cycling at East Coast Park, but then by the time we left the school, it was a bit late and it was drizzling. Thus, we ended up going to Clementi for karaoke! Though that was our third choice, it isn't to say that it was sub-par. In fact, I'm quite glad we went for karaoke instead, as it was (relatively) not-tiring (only to vocal chords and eardrums haha) and lots of fun!

Nicholas trying to shoot me with a rubber band
(he missed)

Not entirely sure what I intended to do here but it looks pretty cool so...haha!

Batch photo before setting off from school!

We left much later than expected because rehearsal ended a bit later, and we celebrated (well, "celebrated") the August/September babies' birthdays after band as well! We wanted to cream the birthday kids but the cream can got a bit spoilt so it was quite a hilarious failure :-( oh well...

We also spent a good fifteen minutes (at least) deciding where to go, before settling on karaoke at Clementi!!! It was totally impromptu haha because suggestions ranged from billiards to rock-climbing to lepak-ing at a park!

As we were walking to the MRT station, Qing Kai and I happened to walk a bit ahead of the rest and so they decided to be embarrassments by chanting (it isn't really singing...humming???) wedding marches behind us hahaha oh man, that was so embarrassing. All in good fun, though hehe.

Beware: strange-looking boy on the loose

Yep so we took the MRT to Clementi, bought dinner and got lost for a bit trying to find the karaoke place (thanks to me haha oopsies I felt really bad :() before FINALLY reaching, karaoke place. It sounds so anti-climatic HAHAHA!

People were a bit more guarded at first, not really singing *out* *loud* and into the mic and stuff, but all that initial reservedness was soon forgotten and everyone (well, most!!!) sang real enthusiastically and IT WAS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!! I was sitting beside Nicholas and he was super party-ish (you feel me???) and really sang with much gusto haha so it was great singing with him!!!!! I can't really put this into words because WORDS ARE INADEQUATE right now it was just so so so so fun I enjoyed every single moment of it!

We were dancing to Barbie Girl hahahahaha!!!

the Boss is not amused

the Boss sings!!!

Then we have Qing Kai who also happens to be singing genius and Xiao Feng who can sing really high really well too!!!!!!!!! I mean, just
*~*~*~*LOOK AT DAT PASSION*~*~*~*

Qing Kai was totez judging me man hahahaHAHAHA

All of us danced to Dancing Queen hehe it was our last song, and ended just seconds before our karaoke session timed out! wew

Dodgy karaoke room lighting hehe

Afterwards, we went to the food court at Clementi Mall to lepak, playing Truth or Truth! I only stayed for a few rounds before leaving as my parents were arriving. :-( It was quite fun though, but I might have been unscrupulously forced to reveal certain things ugh ugh yuck oh well I shall have faith in the circle (rectangle) of trust


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