Saturday, August 30, 2014

Sunday Folks

I'm sure you've all seen the generous swirl of ice-cream more times that you would have liked to on your Instagram feed recently. The people behind the uber successful Creamier have opened up another shop along Chip Bee Gardens, serving soft-serve ice-cream swirled generously atop the crisp eggy waffles Creamier is known for. However, having been fairly unimpressed by Creamier's waffles on my previous visit, I opted to have my ice-cream in a cone instead. Also, there was hardly any sitting space available when I visited on both days, even though their shop space was rather spacious (seating capacity of 30!). :(

(Tip: Do visit on rather odd hours if you'd like to have a relaxing experience! The queue on a Sunday night is just...ridiculous. I heard some had to wait an hour for their waffles!)

Sea Salt Gula Melaka with mochi balls, gula melaka syrup and a sesame biscuit

The gull melaka flavour in this was very subtle, and the sea salt hardly there at all! I was quite disappointed with this because it really did have the potential to be a really awesome kick-ass flavour! The mochi balls, though rather bland, were chewy and fun to eat.

Dark chocolate with chocolate sponge bits, toasted marshmallows drizzled with chocolate sauce

This was phenomenal. The rich, intense flavour of chocolate was deservedly brought out in the ice-cream, balanced by the sweetness of the marshmallows and chocolate sponge cake cubes to make it the perfect dessert to end the night with.

Earl Grey Lavender with bata de coco, blueberries and an almond biscuit

The ice-cream was, well, easy to eat, in the sense that it didn't leave me feeling overly indulgent as the lightness of the tea flavour was, well, rather light. I guess it was all right, but nothing too mind-blowingly fantastic to warrant multiple tries.

Summer Berries with lemon cheesecake cubes, strawberries drizzled with strawberry sauce (unpictured)

The ice-cream was rather ordinary, but the lemon cheesecake cubes made it infinitely better! Again, it wasn't as great as I had hoped it to be, but still satisfying enough to placate that sweet tooth.

To be honest, the one thing that keeps me going back is the waffle cone. It's a charcoal cone (which is all the rad right now) and it is so unbelievably crunchy/crisp (?!?) and has a really special flavour which I cannot pin-point right now, BUT IT IS GOOD, trust me.

All the ice-cream cones cost $7.20, inclusive of the standard toppings which vary from flavour to flavour. It is definitely a bit pricey but average-tasting ice-cream, but it's worth a try (maybe not regular tries, but still, one try would be good enough)

If you ask me for a recommendation, I say the dark chocolate wins hands-down.

Sunday Folks
44 Jalan Merah Saga #01-52
Chip Bee Gardens
Singapore 278116
12-10pm daily, closed on Mondays

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