Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Color Run 2014

I signed up for the Color Run with a few of my batch mates! (Huiru, Jamie, Xiao Feng and Wei Ze!) It was a really fun experience and though I probably wouldn't do it again, I have no regrets taking part!!! The aching legs and colour-stained-skin-even-after-a-few-days doesn't offset the FUN we had together!

We got McDonald's grilled chicken wraps for lunch hehe the irony...

Thank you Jamie for helping me braid my hair even though it was a mess because I couldn't be bothered to comb it that morning 。゚+.ღ(ゝ◡ ⚈᷀᷁ღ)


Wei Ze couldn't stop obsessing over how big his shirt was (M) and how it was unflattering for his (")biceps(") hahaha! It was rather amusing actually but hey we discovered he has a hidden talent for modelling! (dat pose on the right wew!!!)

We met this group of RI boys who wore their school uniforms to run hahaha! Turns out, one of them was Huiru's Orientation dance partner...talk about awKWARd~!~! (was pretty swaggy tho hehe)

because who doesn't like pancakes?!?!?
This photo was supposed to turn out looking like a three-dimensional image but I think it didn't work out quite as well as hoped :(

The pre-run warm-up/dance party was cool beanz!!! After jumping around shouting to jamming songs, I got a little tired out hahaha! But no, rest is for the weak!!!!!!! (•̀o•́)ง

At the starting line (queue lol)
We were in the third wave of runners! I took off my glasses because I didn't want to risk getting them permanently stained haha (that's what happened to Huiru's sunglasses!!!)


We ran/jogged the first kilometre, and after that we just gave up and walked along with most people haha! It was quite fast though, because we reached the 3km checkpoint in no time!

After a bit more walking, we reached the final colour zone (pink)!

We weren't very coloured then, so since it's the last colour zone, everyone just yolo-ed and started rolling on the floor, trying to get as much colour powder on themselves haha! I made "snow" angels in the powder whoop :-)

On the way back, someone threw a clump of pink powder at Jamie and it accidentally hit her straight in the eye! It looked really painful and uncomfortable but thankfully she blinked the powder (and her contact lens haha) out of her eye and was able to enjoy the rest of the run :-)

I bumped into my primary school friend, Kendra, in the cutest way possible! We were running (okay, maybe uh walking quickly?) along this stretch of road which was running (no pun intended) along the beach, and thought it would make a really nice backdrop for a photo! So we got a random fellow Color Runner to help us take a photo and it turned out that the girl we asked was Kendra's friend! I didn't recognise Kendra at first because I wasn't wearing my glasses but she recognised me and yay cue happy squealing etc. etc. etc. :-) We didn't get to talk much but it was still cool bumping into her this way!

On the way back from the pink zone, we passed the green colour zone again, just that we were on the other side of the barricade. Thinking we were waaay too pink, Xiao Feng, Wei Ze and I decided to roll around the floor to get more green powder on us! (#BBeasts!!!)

And finally, we made it back to the race carnival, where the Festival of Colours was going on! Basically, once you pass the finish line, you'll be given a packet of coloured powder to do as you please! Most people congregate at the front of the stage to dance to party songs being blasted from the stereos and ride on the enthusiasm of others around them and throw the coloured powder everywhere and anywhere (well, usually upwards into the sky haha).

Presenting our mutilated faces...don't know if we were abused/radioactive/sunburnt haha

"Guys we need to take a photo against the green so the colours will be more obvious!!!"

Around 6.40pm we decided to leave because we were pretty tired out and also, Khiam Wee was waiting for us to have dinner with him haha.

On the way back to collect our bags, we passed by this beach and started having a mini photoshoot there. No prizes for guessing who had the most step shots taken of him! (Yes, him)

"Must have the sea in the background!! The sea must be big!!! No but I have to be big also!!! I must be in the centre!!!"

Unplanned matchy-matchy shorts with Huiru!!! It isn't very obvious in the photo so you'll have to take my world for it.

While waiting for Xiao Feng and Wei Ze to change in the toilet.
Those guys took like an hour to get cleaned up!!!

The queue for the monorail was insane. Thankfully, it moved fast! We also had to wear these uncomfortable ponchos which stuck to your skin so that we didn't dirty the monorail. It was such a relief taking the ponchos off - there was literally a layer of sweat covering my entire body which had been in contact with the clingy plastic.

We headed to Eighteen Chefs at The Cathay for dinner! I think they all really enjoyed the food (wew perks of having a foodie(ish) friend, right guys???) haha!

It was a really really great day out with them and though I was incredibly tired afterward, I'm so glad I got to share this experience with my friends :-)

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