Wednesday, September 10, 2014


This was popular some time back, when having an exposed egg in the middle of your sandwich was a fine sight to behold. I tried this once at One Man Coffee and really enjoyed it! Seeing as I had bread to use up and time to kill (well, I could have been studying, but still...), I tried my hand at recreating this once-popular (and probably still popular, but less) brunch item!

I think my rendition was pretty successful! The gooey, melted cheese and ham went incredibly well with the egg as it gave the egg (especially the whites) a bit more flavour! The toast was crisp and buttery, making for a delightful and hearty breakfast.

What you need:
(makes one)

2 slices of bread
a slice of cheese
a slice of ham
an egg

aluminium foil/baking paper


1. Line your aluminium foil/baking paper on a baking tray

2. Butter one side of your bread and place it buttered-side-down on the aluminium sheet

3. Layer your cheese and ham on top of the bread

4. Using a knife, cut a hole (or a heart/whatever shape you fancy) in the middle of the other slice of bread, and butter it

5. Place this bread buttered-side-up on your half-done sandwich

6. Crack an egg into the "hole"

(I cracked the egg before buttering the second slice of bread so it was a bit awkward trying to butter that side hehe)


7. Bake for around 14 minutes at 200°C


(That black thing on the egg white is a bread crumb, not a fly!!!)

The yolk was a bit over-baked to be runny but I wasn't aiming for a runny yolk anyway haha! If you'd like your yolk runny, then perhaps you should keep constant watch of your egg in the oven and take it out whenever you feel most confident!

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