Friday, September 26, 2014

Guide to all things Cedele

I suppose it's no secret that I'm probably Cedele's biggest fan. I even worked at Cedele for a couple of months just so I could enjoy Cedele food all day err day! I guess I could say I'm pretty much an expert on Cedele now...well, more so than the average customer at least. ;-) So I thought, why not compile all my Cedele trysts into one blog post for everyone?

First of all, you have to understand that there are different types of Cedele-s. They are:
(a) All-Day Dining
(b) Bakery Kitchen
(c) Bakery Café
(d) Bakery
I worked at the bakery café, but I frequent the All-Day Dining and Bakery Kitchens a lot more as a customer! All-Day Dining is basically a full-fledged restaurant, with atas wines and main courses and the like. Bakery Cafés are more informal, serving only sandwiches and at some outlets, Do-It-Yourself salads. The Bakery Kitchens are an in-between, serving both sandwich fare as well as whipping up pastas (hence "kitchen", lol). Finally, the Bakeries are basically just mini pit-stops for you to stock up on their freshly-baked artisan breads and cakes!

I hope this somewhat lengthy description helps you understand the ~mechanics~ of Cedele as it may be quite confusing to those who aren't familiar with them!

For organisation's sake, I'll go in order of the types of food offered!

All Day Breakfast

Eggs Benny with choice of ham, mushroom or smoked salmon ($16.50) is amazing!!! I love how they actually use fresh-toasted brioche blocks, making each forkful a foodgasm-ic experience. The hollandaise sauce is also not too heavy, and they don't give a lot, so it feels rather light and sits well in my tummy. :-)


Strawberry Chocolate milkshake ($6.80) is actually just their signature Cloud9 eggless strawberry and chocolate ice-cream blended into a milkshake, with chocolate sauce clinging onto the sides of the glass (which gives the beautiful "marbled" look above). I love the milkshake as it is rich, without being too sweet and cloying. Definitely worth trying!

Chocolate Addiction ($5.90) is basically just iced chocolate. It isn't very rich and sweet, like how you'd expect a glass of chocolate to be. I wouldn't recommend this, as it really does not justify the price. Seriously, you are better off with carton chocolate milk!

The mint in the Egyptian Mint Leaves tea ($3.50) is really really strong! It's very light, though, and you do feel detox-ed after drinking it.

Depot's Brew ($3.80) is really, really bitter, so do add sugar syrup (most outlets provide this) if you can't handle the bitterness of the coffee! Or, you could order the Flat White ($3.80) to milk away the bitterness (I just made that up)


Prawn and Chix ($19.50) in pesto sauce is the bomb!!! I really liked the flavour that the pesto gave the al dente linguine. The prawns are consistently big, fresh, juicy and most important, peeled! (haha) The chicken breast, unfortunately, could have been much more tender. It was bland and rather rubbery. Ignore the chicken and this would be perfect.

White Bacon Mushroom ($16.50) with poached egg (+$2.50) is delicious as well! The creamy carbonara (come on, despite the fancy name, we all know it's a carbonara) sauce was creamy without being jelat, mostly because the chefs exercise great portion control, haha. Seriously though, there was just enough sauce to moisten the pasta and leave one or two spoonfuls for the ultimate indulgence after. The bacon was also pretty lean, for bacon, and the mushrooms succulent. The poached egg was rather wasted, though. The whites were still a tad bit sour (from being boiled in vinegar, but still) and the yolk did little to enhance the flavour of the sauce/pasta. It just lends aesthetic appeal, that's all. Other than that, this is one of my favourite pasta dishes from Cedele!

Fish Coriander Pesto ($18.50) (background) is an aglio olio-style pasta with a whole chunk of grilled sea bass covered in pesto sauce. It's a good thing they didn't mix everything in pesto or it would have been a bit too much. The aglio olio is all right, not bad but not spectacular either. The sea bass is cooked really nicely, though. The soft white meat deceives you into thinking you are eating healthily, but that's a deception I'm sure most of us would welcome.

Red Seafood ($18.50) (foreground) comprises of mussels, prawns and a fish fillet tossed in a spicy herbed tomato sauce. I think the tomato gets a bit overwhelming, and the flavour of the seafood is masked by all that tangy tomato. Nonetheless, if you're looking for a bang-for-your-buck pasta, this would be it!

*Portobello and Garlic ($15) is the ordinary aglio olio with a huge-ass portobello mushroom mushrooming (ha ha) the whole clump of pasta.

Prawn Chilli Lime ($18.50), and the keyword here, friends, is "lime". The sourness was so overpowering, every single bite I took spared no mercy, packing a citrusy punch each time. Do not go for this unless you are truly, truly a lime-lover (or at least have a high tolerance for limes). Both of which I am not/do not have.


At Cedele, I recommend you to opt for the Do-It-Yourself salads instead of the pre-packed ones. From personal experience, the pre-packed ones are usually not as healthy as you'd like to believe, and they certainly don't taste as fresh and healthy as a freshly-tossed salad. :-)

Step 1. Choose your base of romaine lettuce or baby spinach (+$1.50). I always choose the romaine lettuce (read: cheaper option) because...yeah because it's cheaper, haha! But the baby spinach does look very fresh, soft and yummy :-)

Step 2. Choose 2 deli/protein items! Off-hand, I remember there are knockwurst sausages, egg frittatas, smoked salmon, teriyaki chicken, pepper prawns, and many others! They usually have one or two pre-made salads such as potato and egg/pineapple chicken almond/4-mushroom etc.! My favourites are the egg frittata and teriyaki chicken, although sometimes I choose the pre-made salads because they look interesting!

Step 3. Choose 4 "crunch" items! These include pineapple rings, walnuts, raisins, broccoli, sweet potatoes, cherry tomatoes, corn kernels, croutons and much more! My personals faves are corn, pineapple and croutons.

Step 4. Select your dressing of choice! I cannot remember exactly what dressings they offer but I know my favourite is honey mustard :-)


Ah, Cedele sandwiches bring back such fond memories of my time working there! I loved making the sandwiches (no sexist jokes here please) and took pride in making sumptuous sandwiches with brisk efficiency. Ah, good times, those were. :'-)

Anyhoo, at Cedele, you get to choose the bread to...sandwich your sandwich (lol!) On the counter, it seems as if they rotate the bread choices every day but actually most of the time, they are pretty much the same. There will be sliced breads (wholemeal linseed, sunflower seed, rye, mixed grain, etc.) and burger-like buns (ciabatta, golden pumpkin bap and walnut bap). Personally, I LOVE GOLDEN PUMPKIN and I've always stuck with it. Either that, or the occasional walnut. I probably should give the sliced breads a go someday...

*Cedele Beef Burger ($14.50) is by far my favourite burger from Cedele. The combination of juicy beef patty, Bavarian mustard, mushrooms and salsa is just too delicious to even start describing. My words will do it no justice, so I shall not even try. If they still have this on the menu, PLEASE let it be the first thing you order.

Pulled Pork and Avocado ($8.50) makes a pretty substantial lunch. Though the pulled pork may have a little odd taste at first, you get used to it and it...grows on you. The avocado and pork pairing is a little strange to me, though. Nonetheless, for eight bucks, I think this is quite worth the money!

Sea Bass Salsa ($17.50) was the first-ever sandwich I tried from Cedele and I fell in love with it. The salsa added a unique and flavourful twist to the otherwise bland (but still soft) sea bass. They are definitely not stingy with ingredients, as the chunk of sea bass was extremely satisfying. However, the skin was still attached and I'm not exactly a fan of fish skin, so... Aside from that, I give it two thumbs up! (But do note that you should not have this as "takeaway" because the moisture from the fish and salsa will make the bread soggy)

Rosemary Chicken ($8.50) is one of the more popular choices here at Cedele! It is delicious, there's no doubt about that. But just a word of caution: it isn't as healthy as you'd think...the chicken is actually one of the oilier ingredients used in the sandwiches...

Smoked Turkey with Brie ($9.50) is another one of my favourites! I love how the the cranberry sauce complements the turkey, and the brie cheese is an added bonus! For most sandwiches with cheese, they use mozzarella. Brie gives the sandwich this extra kick that really hits the spot!

Beetroot Avocado ($8.50) no. I don't like the beetroot patty. Never.again. (this is really just a personal opinion)

Beef Pastrami ($8.50) doesn't quite do it for me either. I don't really like horseradish and the beef pastrami is quite salty.

Tuna salad ($8.50) is another seemingly simple sandwich that I love! The tuna salad is mixed with celery, red peppers and a bunch of other little crunchy veggies that make the overall tuna filling so tasty!

BLT ($8.50) ooh, the bacon is so deliciously crisp! But the extent of enjoyment you will derive from this depends on your sandwich maker. If s/he gives you a generous fistful of bacon, you're in for a treat. If not, you will feel quite ripped off your money, and look for a second lunch after.

Smoked salmon ($8.50) is pretty decent, with 3 thick slices of smoked salmon! Some outlets pair it with yoghurt dill dressing, while others pair it with brie and some other sauce. I personally prefer the yoghurt dill dressing, as it makes the sandwich taste overall much lighter and "cleaner", in a sense.

Shrimp and Avocado ($9.50) is a pretty weird combination, if you ask me. Alone, the shrimp tastes fine (but not exactly fresh), but I'm not sure if I'd want to eat it with avocado in a sandwich. It could be a bit dry for some.

Three-some ($9.50) consists of turkey, ham and bacon. A sodium bomb, in other words. Unhealthy factor aside, this is delicious but only if you can stand all that salt.

Roasted Chicken Avocado ($9.50) is pretty normal. The shredded roast chicken is a bit bland, if you ask me.


Cedele offers wraps or "thins", as they call it, as a substitute for those who don't want to eat too much carbs in bread. Seeing as Cedele caters to mainly the health-conscious bunch, it's not surprising they have these so-called lighter options.

During my time at Cedele, I loved making my own customised wraps. Perks of working there, I guess! My favourite combination is turkey+mushroom+cranberry sauce+brie cheese!!! Sadly, you can't order that (you can try, but it'll be hard) ((and hella expensive...!!! Cedele overcharges for single additional ingredients)) as a customer. :-(

Basil Pesto Chicken ($9.50) consists of roasted chicken bits, pesto sauce and brie cheese. I found it delicious, yet quite normal. Still, it is a filling meal and will no doubt leave you satisfied.

Hammy thin ($8.50) is one of the more popular thins. It's essentially ham and cheese in a wrap. Maybe it's popular because it's a safe choice. However, I felt that there is a bit too much ham. Coupled with the fact that only a thin wrap accompanies it, the saltiness can get quite sickening. Choose the sandwich version instead, please!


Probably one of the most "iconic" aspects of Cedele is their daily soups that come with free flow of bread from the bread bar! The choices of soups change daily, and my personal favourites are the Home-Style Beef Stew, Curry Pumpkin, Wild Mushroom and the Boston Clam Chowder. Each large soup costs $8.80 while the small soup costs $6.50 (I think).

Fun fact: the difference between the two sizes is actually just one ladle-ful of soup


One of Cedele's more popular tag lines is "We all love cake, don't we?" or something like that. Well, I don't know about you but I love Cedele's cakes. Seriously, almost all of them are delicious (and relatively healthy, to boot!) Their best-selling cake is the Carrot Walnut cake and Red Velvet. Personally, I don't quite like the Red Velvet, but then again, taste is subjective.

Most of their cakes cost between $6.50-$8 per slice, and around $48 for a whole cake weighing 1kg.

*Green Tea Berry cheesecake was my favourite cake for some time! I loved how everything blended together so perfectly!!!

The famed Carrot Walnut cake is divine. The cream cheese frosting is sweet without losing the "cheese touch", while the moist cake is stuffed with raisins, walnuts and other dried fruits. It can be a bit jelat so please share this, if you don't want to feel too bad for ruining your diet.

Chocolate Truffle (background) is one flourless chocolate that lives true to its name. The cake is so so so so rich and fudgey that a few bites is all I can manage without feeling a sore throat coming. Yet, it's quite addictive, tempting you to lose control and stuff it all into your belly.

Banana Chocolate Espresso cake is one of my personal favourites. The rich chocolate ganache with the crumbly oats topping is pure indulgence, while the layer of banana lends its natural sweetness to the sponge cake.

Cookies and Cream Cheesecake (background) is also one of my favourites. The cheesecake is rich and creamy/cheesy, while the graham cracker crust just makes eating each forkful that much more fun!

Blackforest is also one of the better cakes, with rum-soaked cherries and chocolate sponge.

Gula Melaka Pandan cake is unfortunately very ordinary. The gull melaka frosting tastes rather artificially flavoured, while the chiffon is basically just your normal pandan chiffon cake. Quite a disappointment.

Red Velvet cake didn't impress me, either. However, it is coloured using beetroot extract instead of artificial colouring, so I guess that's a plus-point (...?). Anyway, I don't really like red velvet, so I am not the best judge of this. Try it if you will, and you may enjoy it far more than I did!

Well, that's all for now! I'll probably review the breads later when I'm feeling less drained haha. This was actually pretty tiring to write! Anyway, I hope you find this guide useful in helping you get the best Cedele experience. :-)

*indicates that I'm not sure if this is still on the menu/price is updated


  1. hey can I ask they used to sell grilled vegetable plum churtney sandwich. it had egg plant, pumpkin, red peppers and mushrooms inside. with plum churtney sauce. which outlets sell that now :(

    1. Hello! If I remember correctly, only the bakery cafés sell that sandwich (is it the Grilled Veggie sandwich?)! They have since revamped most of the menus so your best bet would be to revisit the outlet you had that sandwich to see if they still sell it! If not, I guess it was probably removed from the menu :(