Monday, September 08, 2014

iPhoto problems - help, anyone?

Everything is gone!!!

Recently, my iPhoto crashed and all my Events were deleted.
I just finishing syncing my iPhoto photos to my iPhone when it happened. Thank God the photos are all safely in my phone!

Anyway, I don't have a back-up copy of all these precious photos (rookie mistake, gah) so I'm now at a loss of what to do :-( Is there any way I can transfer the photos in my iPhone (now stored under "Events" in the default Photos app) to some computer/hard drive?! It doesn't appear in iPhotos again when I connect it to my Mac because it isn't in the Camera Roll album.

I'm posting this public cry for help in the hopes that some tech whiz would stumble upon this and have a solution haha, so if you're that tech whiz, thank you a thousand times over!!! Feel free to e-mail me at or comment on this post (though that would be much less preferred, beggars can't be choosers!).

Meanwhile, I've copied the links to some of my photos shared on Facebook as full-fledged albums to their respective blog posts on this blog. The posts with these photo links are under the label "Gallery", for convenient access. :-) I know this hardly helps resolve the problem (actually it doesn't help at all) but I guess I feel a bit safer having all these pictorial snippets of my memories stored on more than one platform.

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