Monday, September 22, 2014

Promos prep

A documentation of my mugging sessions/everything in-between during the lead up to the much-feared Promotional examinations!!! To be perfectly honest, I think the fear of the exams is causing my yolo-instincts to go overdrive because lately, I've been really chill!!! And not the good kind of confidence-induced chill. I mean the "lol wAt is lyf3" kind of chill...not a good sign.

I've been studying in school quite a lot because I realised I am much more productive in school than at home. I think it's not so much of "less distractions" than peer pressure haha. In school, seeing all my friends studying forces me to study as well because I don't want to be seen as the "bummer". It's a kind of twisted mindset and probably not the right "learning attitude" but I don't have much time to fix things now that promos are less than a week away! I'll just go with whatever works for me :-)

Day 1 of studying in school, with Darren in the music room!!! It was freezing cold inside and the security guard chased us out prematurely. :-( Darren suggested "let's hide under the tables until the guard leaves and then we can continue!!!" HAHAHA but no the guard made sure to march us out of the room before closing up :-(

Day 2: studying with Jia Qi in the library!!! I think I proved my non-burdency haha and studying with Jia Qi was quite all right I suppose

During the extra biology class where most of us were h..a..l...f....d....e..a.......d and we had to resort to taking a selfie to wake us up from our state of vegetation.

Yet another study session with Darren on Friday to end of the mugging week! (for the weekday, that is...)



I arranged for consultation sessions with Mrs Kwie, Mrs Koh and Ms Loh so I had to come back to school. I planned to study in the music room (new-found cave to snæk WEW) with Huiru but guess who we met there!!! Khiammie!!! Hahaha okay I guess it shouldn't have been a surprise seeing as they're music kids and are probably more likely to be in the music room than us. But still.

So it was the four of us, and when Darren came, BAM! a third of the RSBatch was here HAHA

We studied for awhile before going for lunch at Jai Thai and then returning to study more hur hur how interesting right...but it's okay, the perks of studying with friends with a laptop is that you get to mess with Photobooth!!!

Fun and productive day (my nights never are...sob)

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