Friday, October 03, 2014

baking with Hansol & meeting RSB

Today, Hansol came over to bake cookies! (It was during the post-promos marking day period a.k.a. the best few days of my year so far!!!)

The cookie dough looked promising, but we might have over-baked it a bit, because the cookies came out rather hard. We had intended to include a molten chocolate centre in each cookie, thus ended up wrapping the chocolate with quite a bit of cookie dough for each cookie. Hence, large rocks of sugar, butter and everything nice came out of the oven.

Despite the hardness, it tasted "really good", according to my bandies (whom I practically force-fed my cookies to HAHAHA). Hansol's friends also said it was nice so yay!!! Partial success I guess.

More importantly, we got to spend time catching up! After not meeting for a few months, it felt good to finally see her again :-) Unfortunately, I had to rush back to school to attend some introduction meeting with the choreographer (for band) and so Hansol agreed to come along with me to wait for me to finish before heading out for lunch!

(The session/meeting thing was pretty fun though I can't help feel that it was a bit too short considering the trouble that various parties took to travel all the way to school for...)

I introduced her to more of my batch mates (she already knows Darren and Qing Kai from the ACJC concert earlier in May LOL) and we walked to Junction 8 together after the meeting! I was prepared to split up with my friends to have ~alone time~ with Hansol while the rest went for lunch, but Qing Kai suddenly announced that he was not that hungry and invited himself to our ~alone time~ hahahaha I was quite confused yet glad at the same time?!?!? New friends wew but actually not really "new" per se...

We went to this shop at the basement level of Junction 8 that sells the best shaved ice!!! Sat there for quite a while talking/musing about random stuff and we established that Qing Kai was a strange boy. Jia Qi, Su Ann and Jubes passed by and it really felt like one giant gathering of friends haha SMSS + RSB + RI wow!!! Around 3+, we parted ways as Hansol went to meet her mother/Qing Kai to the gym and me to hobo at Holland Village!

It was a really unexpected turn of events but I really had a great time :)

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