Saturday, October 04, 2014

Bukit Timah initiation

"Eh do you have plans for tomorrow?"

"Nope, only in the evening. Why? You want to make plans with me? AWWW"

"Yeah we should hang!!!"

so it was decided close to midnight that Su Ann would come over to my place the next day! But being the crazy person she is (she slept only an hour the previous night), she only woke up at 11.30am (when we were supposed to meet) hahaha! But all was fine as our plans just got pushed back later!

I met her at Botanic Gardens and brought her to Le Wu for lunch! She loves loves loves tom yum and I thought Le Wu's tom yam was pretty good! The last time I visited was with Qing Kai a few months ago so I was quite afraid the standard of they tom yum would have fallen/not be as nice any more but no, it tasted super good!!! Even better than I remember it, actually.

and the Thai iced milk tea was great as well! Not too sweet and just milky enough :-) It was a great lunch because of good company and better food. Somehow, we ended up discussing the history of milk hahahaha it was all quite amusing (and very weird but what do you expect when two strange kids come together)

We took a bus to Bukit Timah Plaza for their amazing...


"Eh you must post the stripey juxtaposition photo okay"
If you look carefully, the couple behind are both wearing stripes in the same colours as the bags with stripey patterns, also behind me.

She really liked the mango sago as well, and concluded that Bukit Timah is an amazing place with so much good food haha! Can you believe this is her first time in this part of Bukit Timah?!?! poor deprived soul sigh

After that, we were so full and decided we probably weren't in the best state to dance party or we'd end up throwing up all the food lol. Instead, we decided to make more food haha! Walking into NTUC not knowing what we were going to make and Googling "easy things to bake" or some other random search words for recipes that were do-able. It was Su Ann's first time baking haha so it was pretty exciting going through all the ~motions~ of finding recipes/choosing ingredients/etc. together :-)

Stopped by some little patch of grass (which was way littler than what you'd imagine from the pictures) to take hipster photos of flowers

So we got home and started baking!!!

Look at her intense face while measuring out the butter haha (our recipe is here)
She was really excited. Reeeaaallly reeaaally excited.


Dance partied while waiting for the brownies to bake with the Just Dance on Kinect and it was pretty tiring/crazy

Yay!!! Our brownies turned out quite good! The bottom was bitter from chocolate while the top was sweet from the cookie dough. Because the brownies needed to be chilled, we left it at my place and I was to bring them to school the next day to share with the class/batch!

"Jin-wen these are terrible"
*stuffs second slice into his mouth*
thank you Vint Seng

but contrary to what VS said, I think they weren't too bad because most people said it was nice HAHA so I'm going to trust them instead!!!!!!

Anyhoo, it was a really great time with Su Ann, after what was like ages since we last spent time together properly. :-) :-) :-)

Post-promos life is the bez

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