Friday, October 17, 2014

Happy birthday Darren and Xiao Feng!

Celebrated Darren and Xiao Feng's birthday today after band since their birthday was this coming Sunday! It must be really cool to share the same birthday as a friend haha but I don't think I would want to...hehe quite a selfish thought but oh well.

We had prepared a card for each of them, and Jamie baked orange-glazed chocolate cupcakes which we all devoured. They were really good! I baked them grape crumble bars as a more personal gift haha because the both of them are quite good friends of mine :) It was quite a failed surprise because I think Xiao Feng kind of suspected our plan, but Darren was pretty much kept clueless till the surprise haha! I love how he expresses his surprise and joy (hopefully HAHA) so genuinely!!! It makes all the planning and rushing and etc. feel even more worthwhile :)

Killing time while waiting for everyone to come haha

Darren with his card! (doing the same facial expression as the photo hehe)

Xiao Feng and his card!!! :-)

"Okay guys I'm going to set the camera on continuous self-timer okay that means it will spam so just keep changing poses!!!"

I guess I love this bunch of people.

Blessed birthday, Darren and Xiao Feng!

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