Sunday, October 26, 2014

Last weeks of Year 5

Just like that, Year 5 is (almost, somewhat) over!!! The time really just flew by and it as clichéd as it sounds, it feels as if the first day of school were just yesterday.

Final WR submission!!! The realisation that there will be no more 50+-page Google Doc to constantly have to work on is still taking some time to sink in...

Our last bio tutorial with Ms Hor! We are such a noisy and exasperating bunch but I hope she finds joy in teaching us huhuhuh

Last math tutorial with Mrs Chin!!! Wow she really blends in with us HAHA I actually took a while to spot her...

#selfieraj during our second OP dry run! Simone, Nechie and Seeu Si came up with this "selfieraj/selvarage" WR as a parting gift from 15SSSSSSSSSS03Hiss to Mr. Chris! (Mr. Chris once told us of his irrational fear of ssssssnakes so it only made sense to terrorise him with it, aye?) Anyway, this WR had a huge collage of snakes/cobras/whatnot as its cover page and the contents were basically screenshots of our selfieraj-s on Instagram with messages from the class to him!!! It was all bonded together like a proper WR haha I thought it was quite a genius idea!!!

Mr. Chris is a really awesome possum PW teacher and I think it's because of him that all (?) of us are not as stressed over PW as we would've thought we'd be. I, for one, found PW much less daunting than I envisioned at the start of the year haha!

and finally, a selfie for no reason at all until we realised it was our last PE lesson so there now we have a reason to take a photo

^^^ my first try at editing photos using Adobe Lightroom!!! I tried to mimic the look of a vsco preset (because ain't nobody got $$$ to burn on that stuff) and I think I pulled off the T1 filter (on the app) quite well?!?!? hahaha I'm still learning and you have any tips/tricks, please drop me a message!!! :-)

Can't wait to get my new camera lens (was thinking of a 50mm f/1.4) and play around with more photos after OP is over!!!!!!!!

(I'll probably update this post when school actually ends lol so stay tuned!)

15S03Huawen blocking the entrance to Manhattan Fish Market after Chinese As!!! Hopefully we will do laoshi proud ("老师我们为您拿A!!!") and it'll be the last Chinese paper we will ever have to take. :-) Cheers to conquering a year of 5.05pm Tuesdays!!!

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