Friday, October 10, 2014

on foot

The problem with last-minute plans and big (ish) groups is that it usually ends up with lots of people not being free, so our band ~outing~ ended up with just Darren and I on Tuesday! It started off with Darren jumping on me at Bishan MRT station as I was walking towards the train platform to meet him at Holland Village! Such a coincidence, haha!

We went to La Nonna (because of their ever-ongoing 1-for-1 lunch promotion and also student budget pains) and it was the first time I've seen Darren finish his food!!! An entire pizza at that!

After lunch, we felt disgustingly full (though the portions weren't that big? I think my appetite is reducing, yay/nay???) and decided to roam around Holland Village Shopping Center for a bit! We walked through all the old-ish shops inside the complex and found many interesting things such as Vietnamese-hat-like-trays and lots of books!!! Which led us to the impromptu decision to walk to BooksActually instead of playing badminton as originally intended.

Being pretty much crazy and spontaneous people, we set off for Tiong Bahru after a short toilet break! With Google Maps, it was not difficult to get to Tiong Bahru on foot. We cut through Alexandra, Commonwealth and Redhill, admiring almost everything around us! Both of us hardly travel on foot in Singapore, so it was fun to see things that we otherwise would have never noticed! For example, did you know that a lot of the grass on sidewalks are actually fake grass???

Anyway, we got to Tiong Bahru after an hour's walk, and passed by SO MANY hipster cafés on the way there! It was such a pity as I was full and broke so I had to walk past these cafés without being able to strike them off my "go-to" list. :-(

Finally, we arrived at our destination!

The interior of the shop is so so beautiful! It gave off this vintage thrift-shop feel without being dirty and whatnot. Seeing the shelves stacked high (and neatly!) with books gave me a strange sort of thrill. We browsed for nearly an hour before leaving this wonderland!

This is Lemonade, the resident cat in BooksActually. The owner informed us that she was the "friendly one", the other cat being a grumpy cat who was known to scratch visitors who tried to pet it. I couldn't resist stroking Lemonade's snow-white coat and it was so so soft and smooth! Seeing it jump nimbly across stacks of books with its small, padded paws just made it even more endearing. :'-)

Stopped by P.S. Café on the way back to get a drink because it was scorching outside. P.S. Café has a totally different feel from the lazy atmosphere of the Tiong Bahru estate it is nestled it. The contrast between the general lethargy outside and the bar-like vibe inside was pretty cool!

Because Darren picked up a book earlier which mentioned the Bukit Timah-KTM Railway, we decided to go visit part of the tracks! Besides, it was near my home so I didn't mind, haha.

We were there nearing to sunset, so we thought it'd be cool to wait and watch the sunset! However, our view was partially blocked by the dense trees fringing the tracks, so we could only see bits of the orange sky. Even then, the change was very subtle as the progression from day to night was very gradual. Nonetheless, it was great to get to rewind from the day by sitting on a grassy patch watching the sky/birds, with Debussy playing in the background! (because Darren and music are almost synonymous)

Darren trying to get up from the tracks HAHA ab workouts on-the-go wew!!!

The very gradual sunset

On the way back, it was getting pretty dark and the old station house thing looked increasingly eerie. We power-walked out of the tracks as fast as we could after I managed to scare Darren a bit! Hehe all in good fun, of course!

walking the day away is really pleasant and I'm glad I found a walking buddy in Darren :-)

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