Friday, October 31, 2014


Who hasn't seen the little black pot of gold making it's waves around Instagram?!? I've been wanting to try out PARK's famed Truffled Mac and Cheese for the longest time, and finally got someone to accompany me there! :-)))

PARK is a small restaurant right smack in Holland Village, which runs on solar power! They have solar panels on their roofs/as their roofs (I'm not too sure) and during the day, the energy from the blazing hot sun runs the place. Pretty cool, huh?

Anyway, since they are a relatively small restaurant, there are only about three tables inside the air-conditioned comfort, while other diners will have to eat al fresco. This isn't so bad if the weather is favourable, I suppose. When I visited (with Kai), we got a seat outside and the weather wasn't too bad, as it had just rained. I felt it was quite nice actually, but Kai insisted it was really hot... :(

Background: Crispy Juice Honey Oat Burger with Mesclun salad and fries ($15.80)
Foreground: Truffled Mac and Cheese ($13.80)

The mac and cheese did not disappoint! When it arrived (after quite some time, actually, and the restaurant was not crowded at all), the aroma of truffle hit me right in the face. I wanted to devour the truffle-scented air. Breaking through the crisp, golden layer of cheese was an army of little macaroni shells in a creamy sauce. Qing Kai took the first bite even before I got to holding my cutlery properly HAHAHA does that bear testament to how delicious it smelt/looked???

Anyway, despite burning my tongue (because it's hot hot hot), the mac and cheese was really something. I think it's the combination of cheese, truffle and the other herbs in it that made it really special. Boxed mac and cheese can't even compare (in fact, no one should even think of comparing the two?!?!). However, it did get a bit jelat for me after awhile. I initially thought the small little crock would not be enough to fill me up (I was ravenous) but I ended up not being able to finish the whole dish. The bacon bits kept the meal from being boring/too carb-y and creamy!

before edit                                  //                                after edit

Thanks Kai for cabbing down to HV for me (even though you were really late hahaha) and for agreeing to eat at PARK even though you weren't that hungry+spent too much recently hahaha AND ALSO for the good time over good food yay :-))) and also for attempting to be a gentleman and pay for both of us but it's okay I am a strong independent woman HAHAHA jk okay yep this is getting a bit long-winded so I shall end here.

PARK @ Holland Village
281 Holland Rd
Singapore 278621
Tel: 9721 3815

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