Friday, October 31, 2014

RSBatch meeting

Today we had our very first batch meeting!!! It was originally intended to be an EXCO meeting, but since the EXCO is 66.7% of the batch, why not just call a batch meeting? Haha!

Before the batch meeting, Huiru and I met up for some morning exercise! We planned to run at the gym, but the school gym doesn't open till 1.30pm or so, so we then decided to do stairs training (10 sets of 7 flights) but scrapped that idea because Huiru has to do 30 sets tomorrow for LBA, so we then decided to do Blogilates in the band room instead!!!

It was really fun working out with Chow because we both were at kind of similar fitness levels (on a Blogilates scale, of course. I think Chow is much much fitter than me HAHAHA). We sweated our way through four or five videos and then collapsed in a puddle of fats and sweat. Again, IT WAS REALLY FUN but I think it would've been much more fun with speakers and an actual yoga/pilates mat because the floor is quite painful to do pilates on. Nonetheless, it was great exercise and as I type, I can feel my body starting to ache already.

check out the RIMB banner cheering us on as we exercised haha!!!

We finished exercising + rolling around the floor around 11ish and went to the swimming pool toilets to shower! Borrowed soap/shampoo from Qing Kai (as usual, lol I am such a burden :() then joined Darren for a 10 minute lunch/light snack at the RI canteen!

Post-shower selfie!!! Cos full length mirror makes our legs look long wew

Batch meeting was actually really productive! Even though quite a few people came late because of PW. We also explored (ish) the Chamber of Secrets in the RSB room! I never knew it existed and it's actually really eerie if you think about it...

ANYWAY, we discussed a lot of Tune In stuff and I'm really grateful to everyone for throwing out ideas which gave birth to a AWESOME POSSUM plan and I am genuinely so so so so excited for Tune In!!! Hopefully we have tons of participants so we can execute our plans and pull off a successful Tune In :-)))))

After batch meeting, some of us decided to go to S-11 for lunch! I had to drop off an apple pie and a card at Sang Ah's place first, so I joined them a bit later. As it was raining heavily, I trudged through the rain to get to Sang Ah's house, left the gifts outside her door, rang the doorbell and ran back into the lift HAHA. I just found out that this is called the "ding dong dash" apparently (???) but Sang Ah was sleeping so she didn't hear the bell and only discovered the gifts hours later HAHAHA oh well. But I wanted to cheer her up after some ~~~stuffs~~~ so yep it was definitely worth braving the rain for :-)))))

Lunch was good, with Darren marvelling at the wonders of Instagram and singing random band tunes and also talking about various ~~~things~~~ hahaha I guess it's hard to have a bad time with the RSBatchies :-)

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