Thursday, October 02, 2014

Sunsets with RSB

The physics/biology papers today marked the official end of the Promotional Examinations! It was such a relief being able to live life without worrying about not-studying, a.k.a. how the past few weeks have felt like.

Since it was a Wednesday, we resumed band practice immediately that day! It was mostly individual practice as we got in touch with our instruments after nearly a month of neglect. :( The short 2 hours passed really quickly! Xiao Feng and Wei Ze were practicing outside the band room all the while, leaving everyone else wondering where they were. (sheesh)

also pictured above, Year 4 RI students preparing for their RA test

(attempt at taking a creepy stalker photo)

After hanging around the band room for a good half an hour or so deciding where to go, we finally decided on bowling/billiards at Marina Square! We had intended to go to MacRitchie's Tree Top walk at first, but a few weren't too keen on it. :( (hence our very inappropriate dressing, for those who had prepared for MacRitchie hiking haha) (a.k.a. me)

When we got to Marina Sqaure, we found out that the entire entertainment complex had been knocked down!!! Much to our dismay, the bowling centre, billiards centre and cinema were gone. :( There wasn't really mush else to do so we decided to have dinner early at the food court, with the amazing view of MBS behind us!

I really liked the lighting there - it was super good for taking portraits!...which is what I did, haha!

Daryl started telling this story about Ripped Feathers really animatedly, which is how a bird got ripped while the music kids were staying at St. John's island (???)

caption: What's that on my hand?!?!?!?

Huishan was scraping the charred rice from the sides of the claypot so that it would be easier for the dishwashers to wash this girl literally has a heart of  g o l d?!?!?

(everyone being really amused by Ripped Feathers haha but IMO it was actually more disgusting than amusing...)

"Okay guys, let's do a posed shot!"
*4/8 of us end up doing the same pose*
either we are a boring bunch or we are just too in tune with one another (ha...ha!!!)

ALSO, the husband of the kind lady who helped us to take the photos was kind of intimidating. He basically ordered his wife (presumably) to take "another shot" and "use flash" with a straight face and, dude.........

After dinner, we rushed to the roof of the Esplanade to catch whatever little of the sunset we could! It was my first time going up to the roof (I never actually knew you could do that?!) and I was pretty excited!

The roof turned out to be a pretty cool place where you could enjoy a birds'-eye-view of the Singapore River, with the Merlion, Marina Bay Sands and all the usual landmarks spread in front of you. There are very few lepak corners though, as it is mostly hard, concrete observation paths (?). We stayed there for about an hour before leaving when the sky got really dark. I really enjoyed just chilling by the sea (in a sense) with my friends whose company was enough to make the experience rather magical, in fact. :-)

The view from the roof of the Esplanade!

Huishan was playing with the panorama function on her phone camera, where she tried to get "as many Daryls" as she could into one photo, haha!

(the difference in photo quality is because some photos were taken using phone cameras! but it's okay, grainy photos have a certain effect to them :-))

(That awkward gap though?!?!?! ...)

At the Esplanade concourse, there was a jazz performance by a singer and a guitarist. It was pretty cool! We stayed for awhile and left shortly after. This beautiful rainbow-coloured art display framed the whole "stage"!

Afterward, we heading to llaollao to get frozen yoghurt!!! The queue was not as bad, it was long but could have been much worse. The way Khiam Wee's face lit up when he took his first spoon of llaollao though.......MADE EVERYTHING WORTH IT hahaha!

(Stalker photos by Huiru hahaha)

I had a really wonderful time with them today! I think it's not so much of what we do, but who we do it with. Can't wait for the next outing with this bunch :)

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