Tuesday, October 07, 2014

U G LY: MacRitchie and new friends

I woke up bright (not very, actually) and early on Monday morning to meet Victoria and Sang Ah for a run at MacRitchie! No prizes for guessing who was late...haha!

After dumping my change of clothes and stuff in my locker (in school), and Sang Ah still hadn't picked up her phone, we decided to go right up to her door-step and drag her out of bed. I know what block she stays in because my parents always gave her a lift home after MTDC in Secondary 2, but I didn't know which level she stayed on! So after persuading the security guard to give us a visitor pass (in exchange for an identity card), we decided to check random floors for Sang Ah's shoes to indicate her ~residence~. We stopped at 7, 8 and 9 just because of a "gut feeling" and sure enough, we found it!!! (not going to reveal which level it was for the sake of Sang Ah's safety LOL)

outside the snail's shell

We rang the door bell and her maid answered, but I think the bell woke Sang Ah's mom up as well, because shortly after, we heard her mother yelling at her to wake up haha! It was a bit scary yet amusing at the same time, because according to Sang Ah, it's her "usual morning routine" HAHA. That explains her puzzlement (?) at our scared-looking faces greeting her at the door.

So we were let in to wait for Sang Ah as she changed up and got ready! She took forever to get ready (as usual) and Victoria and I tried our bestest not to disrupt anything in the house in fear of incurring unspeakable wrath HAHA.

Finally, we were on our way to MacRitchie! We were supposed to be there at 7.30am but reached around 9am instead, haha! Still, it wasn't so crowded and it was empty enough for us to jog along the boardwalk without having to manoeuvre around people often! 

pre-run fresh faces

post-run sweaty faces

We chose the dirt path for our return route and I've never had more regrets. It was so dangerous and annoying having to look out for potholes and random branches and rocks on the ground while running! :( so we gave up halfway and walked instead haha! Hey, at least we covered about 4.3km hahaha which is not too bad for people who haven't run in ages...

We took a bus to One Man Coffee along Upper Thomson road but it was so crowded! They have a new queueing system (digitalised, of course) so we took our "queue number" and walked around the Upper Thomson stretch a bit to kill time! After spending about half an hour hobo-ing in 7-Eleven and random pet shops (the terrapins were so cute I wanted to buy one!!!), we went back to One Man Coffee and were seated after waiting for a bit more.

Us being weird and immune to judgement (as usual)

Let us all take a moment to appreciate Victoria's attempt at hipster-photography!

We ordered the Gashouse Eggs, Brioche French Toast and the Ham and Cheese Croissant, along with a cuppa Magic. IT WAS HEAVENLY.

"This is my new favourite café!!!" exclaims Victoria in delight.

We passed by this random store selling buttons along the row of Upper Thomson shops and guess what we saw in the shop window?!? I <3 MTDC siol!!! :'-) I wonder who ordered that hahaha

Walked back to RI to take a shower (thank you my shampoo/soap/facial cleanser provider) before meeting up again! We bumped into Huiru and Jon and decided to lepak together/go for lunch! (though OMC was supposed to be brunch...)

bottom photo essentially summarises our friendship: Victoria judging Sangz and I 25/8

Jon introduced us to this chicken rice stall in Kim San Leng food centre which serves cold chicken rice! It was basically steamed chicken placed in ice, and served cold (well, duh). IT WAS SO DELICIOUS!?!?!?? I am not a big fan of chicken rice but this rendition won me over. The rice was super fragrant and the chicken oh-so-tender!!! Of course, we queued for about 20 minutes before getting our food.

matcha pudding, matcha parfait and iced matcha latté

We headed to Watami after lunch for matcha desserts which Huiru and Jon had their eye on for quite some time!!! It was all really good, but the best was either the matcha pudding or latté. Though there was much more sugar than matcha in all three desserts, it was good enough to quell the matcha cravings I had. :-) And yes, we all got pretty high from all that sugar!

I'm glad Sangz and Victoria got along well with Jon and Huiru (actually, who wouldn't?) and everyone was so chill and fun! I realised that a lot of my SMSS friends are now acquainted with my RJ friends now...is this a good or bad thing? :)/:(

Anyway, after we left J8, the three of us went back to Sang Ah's house to ~chill~ and take respite from the blazing hot afternoon sun.

It was a great great great time just lepaking together and singing all sorts of weird songs!!!
"best friends are those who come over and take a nap" I find this quite true. It's not what you do, but who you do it with that makes for a wonderful time.

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