Saturday, October 04, 2014

U G LY: Alexandra

FINALLY met with Victoria and Sang Ah for dinner at Alexandra after both our promos ended! It's been a long time since I've seen them (OMM concert?!?) so it was fun to catch up on one another's lives and talk nonsense again hehe. It's great that they're now good friends (because of AC band) because now I get to meet two of my good friends together without it being awkward or anything because all of us are comfortable with one another :-)

Victoria and I walked to Farrer Road MRT station to wait for Sang Ah, who just woke up when we were supposed to have met already
(some things don't change)

Thank goodness 961 only came after Sang Ah arrived, but it was dangerously close!!! Another few minutes and we would've missed the once-in-twenty-minutes bus.

On the bus, we literally bumped into our former A. Math teacher, Mrs Chua!!! The bus was kind of bumpy so when it jerked back, we fell into Mrs Chua, who was seated. We didn't recognise her at first, only after she kept staring and smiling at us did I notice her, followed by squeals of "Mrs Chua!!!!!!!!!!!" hahaha!

We chatted for a bit (mostly Victoria complaining about how A. Math was a million times easier than H2 math haha) and it was quite cool meeting a teacher and talking to them as friends (ish) rather than students.

We went to Alexandra Village Food Center and I introduced them to the amazing avocado milkshake (from Mr. Avocado!!! there are a million other avocado milkshake stalls there but DO NOT BE FAZED!!! lol). Both of them don't like avocado but agreed that this was good! Yay I love introducing people to yummy food hahaha. It's a cheap thrill, I suppose.

The Thai food was really good too. We shared tom yam and pad thai so we could save space for dessert!

Look at the row of highlighters and pens on her bag hahaha this is the true badge of muggerhood

We got a bit lost trying to walk to ABC Brickworks Market but thank goodness we live in the age of technological advancement and Google Maps.

The highly anticipated Red Ruby and Power Chendol from Jin Jin Dessert which had no queue at all when we arrived! A rarity seeing as the usual waiting time on weekend nights is upwards from half an hour.

With food in our bellies, we settled down to talk about everything and anything until 9-ish, and we were tired from laughing too much too loudly haha! Oh man, I really miss these crazy girls and band really isn't the same without them! Sometimes I kind of wish I was in AC band/they were in RSB just so I can go through yet another band journey with them because they make everything a million and one times better.

P.s. the U G LY is an inside joke by Sang Ah the tribal warrior hahahahaha we aren't really ugly (right? :()

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