Friday, November 28, 2014

Chocolate Banana Molten Lava Cake

Adapted from my molten lava cake recipe, except that I added in banana to the whole mixture!

I had enough batter for two molten lava cakes. One was meant for my friend, so that meant I could have the other! However, I made the stupidest mistake a baker could ever make - I forgot to add in the flour.

batter of non-floured cake!!!

batter of floured cake!!! (it does look more ~structured~)

Thank goodness I only had one ramekin, so I was able to add flour to the second batch's batter! I only realised my mistake after baking the first cake for 20 minutes and seeing it still wet! It was quite a hilarious mistake I suppose. I did try the failed cake, and it tasted pretty good! Sans the fact that it was more of banana-flavoured melted chocolate, I think the batter is a more or less successful one. :-)

My friend told me that the cake (with flour) was really good!!! So I take his word for it (even if he may just be a little biased...) and you should too! Try the recipe out and tell me how it tastes :-)))

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