Saturday, November 08, 2014


With the final submission of our Group Project File (GPF), PW is officialy over!!! (Yet I still don't have the guts to drag my entire "PW" folder into "Trash" hahaha)

The mass GPF filing session yesterday was rather chaotic, with most people past the stage of being cautious and careful about everything, rushing to submit the file and BE DONE WITH PW FOR EVER.


It's been a real journey, guys.

MUCH THANK to the best PW teacher ever, Mr (Chris) Selvaraj!!! When people say they have the "best teacher" or "best group mates", you often read these with a pinch of salt. However, I really do believe Mr Chris is a brilliant PW teacher! Without his subtle-criticism of lousy ideas and VAST amounts of encouragement, I doubt we would be able to sail through the storm which is PW so smoothly. :-)

"Bow down to Seeu glorious Si!!!"

Carrying Andrew our burden
hahaha jk

This loser tried to find my EZ-Link card but I was one-over him cos I looked fab in my EZ-Link card photo hehe
(I just don't really mind haha)

15SSSSSSSSSSSSSS03Hisssssss with our main man :-)

Last ever #selfieraj!!!

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