Thursday, November 13, 2014

Israel Philharmonic Orchestra Open Rehearsal

The Israel Philharmonic Orchestra came to Singapore the day before for a "one night only!" concert, and many music educational institutes (this sounds so pretentious??? lol) in Singapore got a bunch of free tickets for their open rehearsal the same afternoon! Most of the RSBatch got tickets to go haha so it was kind of like a batch outing!

We were supposed to report at 4pm outside the Marina Bay Sands Mastercard Theatres but it got pushed back to 4.15pm. Even then, a few of us were late because we were bathing in school etc. etc. (which reminds me, that was the first time I went to the school gym doing something other than running on the treadmill!!! wew)

So while waiting for us, the others smelt down the whole Bath & Body Works haha!

After rushing to MBS, we had to wait until like 5.30pm before we were let into the was a reeeeaaallly long wait especially with so many people in the ~foyer~ (?)! :( Oh well, it's a privilege to even watch the open rehearsal so I guess we shouldn't complain so much haha!

During the open rehearsal, they played the national anthem and suddenly everyone (well, most people) started to stand up! There's a video being circulated by CNA which shows a section of the audience who were seated during the rehearsal of the national anthem, drawing much criticism from yes, this goes to show how manipulative the media can be, and how quick we (people in general) can be to jump to conclusions!

There were also a few young kids in the theatre who kept making noise during the rehearsal. It was really disruptive and annoying but I guess they don't know any better... :(

However, despite all the complications and delays in waiting time, noisy kids, etc., it was a joy to listen to the IPO perform (or rather, rehearse) because they sounded so so so so good!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was really beautiful and I wish we could've attended the concert as well (but cheapest tickets cost $90 sob)

Afterward, we went to shoot some photos to use for our Tune In posters! The lighting at Marina Bay was BEAUTIFUL, and all the photos turned out pretty great!

I also tried doing some low-light night photography but the focusing was so so messy I gave up after a few minutes HAHAHA sigh...I need more practice with inanimate objects!!! (cos I feel very burden making friends pose for me for a long while HAHA)

Damien, Huiru, Qing Kai and I went to Marina Square for dinner and dessert (Alfero's gelato!!! *heavy breathing*) I had quite a nice time with them!!!!!!!! I don't really feel like elaborating much because these are feels I would prefer to keep to myself HAHAHA


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