Thursday, November 06, 2014

PW: Oral Presentation

the Thinker, the Leader, the Pioneer and the Andrew (Kwong, 2014)

Our Oral Presentation marked the end (ish) of our Project Work journey as a group! It was a emotional roller-coaster, with lots of falls but the peaks (especially our lightbulb-moments/moments of pure genius innovation and insight) made it all super worth the late nights toiling over the Google Doc!!!

Even though we all have our different working styles (ranging from tanking to not doing anything...hahaha I kid), I'm glad we managed to somehow work together and skip all the nasty side-effects of PW that we've heard all too much about! No crying, no (big) squabbles and no politics, it's been such a smooth ride with you guys!!! :-)

Of course Andrew isn't a burden...

Okay seriously though, Andrew has been much less of a burden/slacker than I had previously feared hahaha! Good job drew :)))

Also, a thank you to our photographers Ariel and Clara hehehe

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