Saturday, November 29, 2014

SNYS Performance

Performed Dvorak's New World Symphony (Finale only haha) and Handel's Music of the Royal Fireworks with the SNYS winds last Thursday! It was at the Yong Siew Toh Conservatory's foyer (which had pretty bad acoustics IMO :() on a weekday afternoon, so most of the audience consisted of proud parents/friends that we invited haha.

It was my first time going to YST so I got a bit lost, mistaking the NUS Museum for YST! I was left stranded in the midst of all the construction work until Jaben came and led me to the right place hahaha it was quite bad because I was wearing a long-sleeved blouse (I came straight from work!) and it was a sweltering afternoon.

We had lunch catered by SNYO and went to a nearby restaurant to eat because hobo-ing around the foyer felt really really sad. So we found the ulu-est corner of the restaurant and sat there, hoping the staff wouldn't chase us away! After lunch, it was more or less self-practicing and run-throughs until show-time!


SNYS photo! Mrs Teoh was not in the frame so...

...the whole group moved a few steps forward so she would be in the frame as well, haha!

supposed fun-shot haha!

I didn't really ask my friends to come because most of them were overseas/busy/the performance was just a 15-minute or so it was sweet of Kai to take time off and come down!!! :'-) thx m8

The performance went quite badly I think hahahaha, with the most glaring thing being the general out-of-tune-ness. :-( Despite that, I did have fun playing! Maybe it's fun for the performers but not for the audience...oops.

the photographer/s wide-angle lens is so cool!!!!!!!!! I want to play with one one day hehe

After the performance (we were the first item), we went back up the the rehearsal rooms to pack up/goof around (a.k.a. take photos lol) It will be the last time I'll be seeing most of my YS friends because they've all promoted (sobblez I need to promote the next round) :((((((

Ashley and Sam, my fav NAFA kids!!! (ok they're the only NAFA kids I know haha but still)

Jaben the loser. He was complaining how we were standing so far apart HAHAHA 2bad

Took the MRT back to school with Qing Kai because we were supposed to settle some stuff for Tune In with Wei Ze! We went for an early dinner and then didn't get much done because we weren't very basically the meeting turned into a lepak session haha! I was really tired as well but being tired with company feels slightly better I guess.

"Wait!!! Must make me look skinnier!"
"Okay why don't you turn to the side then, it makes you look slimmer in photos!"
"Like that?"

hahaha Kai you look great at all angles lah 🌚 (omg I found emojis for laptop!!!) 

sister chromatid undergoing anaphase

After Kai left, Clara became my lepak buddy haha she was practicing for RWinds rehearsal but they started an hour or so later so...

Yep that's about it! It was a rather eventful day with different groups of friends, and I did quite enjoy it :-)

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