Thursday, November 06, 2014

Su Ann's 17th

15S03H "surprised" Su Ann after our PW OPs by bringing her to La Nonna for lunch! "surprise" because somehow, she already sort of knew about it after some unfortunate incident...:-( Anyway, she's been such a SUnshine to the class and I think everyone was more than willing to celebrate her birthday with her. :-)

...(also because we don't know how many birthdays she has left...HAHAHA jk just don't eat prawns/peanut butter and you'll be fine)

Zipped down to Holland Village by train, where Ernest was being a fagit and taking point-and-shoot photos of everyone using "Alyssa's grandfather's" camera.

Because I was leaning against the train door, my bag's strap got stuck in the doors. :-( Had to withstand one long MRT stop journey being pinned to the door haha! It's not a nice feeling, btw. It makes you feel all vulnerable. Yet, I'm quite curious to see how it looks like from outside the doors haha!

Our reservation for La Nonna was at 12pm, but we arrived around 20 minutes earlier. Since the waiting staff refused to seat us earlier, we killed time at Rupini's, watching Alyssa get her brows threaded! Haha, that is potentially the most odd-sounding phrase; "we killed time at Rupini's". Hmm.

I also stopped by Plain Vanilla to get cupcakes for Su Ann, because I remembered that she liked PV cupcakes!!! Sadly, there was no chocolate rum cupcake :(

At La Nonna, there were too many people, so we got split into two long tables!

ALYSSA MY SUPPOSED TWIN!!! Do we look alike?

Tried to use the self-timer function to take photos, but the camera ended up focusing on the glass instead, haha!!!

Shortly after, Simone, Nechie and Seeu Si marched in with a whole bunch of balloons. Each regular (but still quite big) balloon had a picture of an Andrew on it, while the gigantic, bulbous red balloon had a photo of Andrew Chen on it HAHAHA.

Yet, according to Su Ann, Andrew Garfield is the "only Andrew that matters" aww

It was a super genius idea that the three of them came up with! I don't know how they keep coming up with awesome birthday surprises, but it's really cool.

Clara and I shared a La Nonna pizza and the Crabmeat Linguine! Everything was so so so yummy but I wanted to explode after it all.

Someone started this thing where we ran our wet fingers around the rim of the glass to make some sort of sound. Everyone was so fascinated and started doing it that the whole room started to sound like a church choir! I'm so going to try that again next time haha! I felt like a little kid playing with ~science~ but it's really fun.

(La Nonna's brick-like wall is GREAT for taking photos)

Ew what is a Su Ann


Happy birthday, Su!!! Thanks for being one of the few people I can call a true friend. :-) Though we may not have spent so much time together the past few months as compared to before, I know that you've got my back (and you know I've got yours). Everything else is in the card and if it isn't, it'll be in next year's card. HAHAHA.

(left photo accurately describes our relationship)

As we were leaving La Nonna, I bumped into Daphne and her friends!!! :-)

The rest of the class then went to Singapore Polytechnic to get llaollao, while Ariel, Audrey, Clara, Chloe, Ernest and I went to my place to lepak/play Just Dance/watch Big Momma/play with various stuff hahaha! Lepaked all the way till 7ish wew ~~~

Idiots trying out my uniforms HAHAHA

I think Ernest pulled it off quite well leh

It was a tiring but fun day!!! School is so much better without work and stress (no duh...)

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