Friday, December 26, 2014

Bandemonium III

Bandemonium III was such a crazy experience. We only had 2 weeks to prepare for the concert (administratively just a little more time) because the players we had were all unconfirmed until after Tune In, and without the players, we couldn't decide on our repertoire. This left us with about 16 days to prepare for the concert!

We had about 51/52 players, and only 13 of them were RSB members, haha! I'm quite happy though, because the massive number of guest players from other secondary schools means that our Tune In was quite a success! :-) We had representatives from RGS, RI, VS, St. Nick's, Henderson, Shu Qun, Regent and of course, RSB alumni! Our clarinet players increased from zero to thirteen! Haha! It was really nice playing with a full band again, after months of playing in more of an ensemble than a band.

I also noticed a lot of the guest players making friends amongst themselves and somehow I felt like a proud mother even though they were all strangers to me HAHAHA. But seeing them connect and bond over Tune In/Bandemonium was really heart-warming!

Doing some logistic work for the concert was also quite a learning experience for me. I am the first to admit that I made a few (costly :() mistakes that was completely due to my negligence, but I guess this means I will be extra cautious not to commit the same errors again next time (ahem A Tempo next year!)

Having dance rehearsals with Ms Amber Kao was also a new and interesting experience for me! I enjoyed the rehearsals even though it was near impossible to have both the music and the dance moves running through my head at the same time (so we mostly faked playing when it was our turn to be "feature dancers" haha) ((by "we" I mean the sampan crew)) (((more on that later))) If anything, it really was just a teaser of what's to come next year when we prepare for A Tempo!!!

In all, it was a really fun concert and I enjoyed every bit of it :-)

setting up decorations for the hall!
I was part of the design committee and we originally wanted to go all out with the decorations and transform the entire hall into a giant snow globe but money, time and manpower constraints forced us to make the decor more simple and easy (aka countless Daiso Christmas streamers haha)

While waiting for the stage hands to arrive, Damien was entertaining himself by playing floral (with himself) using the broom pan thingum and a stray ball hahaha!

We were all going to wear Christmas-themed headbands but Nicholas brought his own Christmas hat because he was afraid that the headbands would ruin his ~hairdo~ HAHAHA. So he tried to position the hat in a way which would keep his mohawk thing but it made him look very much like a dinosaur instead.

Pre-concert photo!

...aaaaand pre-concert selfie!!!

I gave Vint Seng this tiara as a birthday present HAHAHA doesn't he look pretty??!!??!??!
If you're wondering why he was at Bandemonium, well, that's because he agreed to be our emcee!!! It was quite short notice (about a week before?) and he was busy which is why I really appreciate his helping us! He really did a lot to prepare for this, going way beyond what was expected of him. Unfortunately, the audience wasn't the sort that he was expecting I suppose, so there were a fair bit of mishaps and much improvisation! But well, these are all learning points for all of us, and it doesn't change the fact that I'm super thankful for him!!! :-)

I love this photo because (a) DAMIEN'S FACE and (b) this is probably one of the very very very few photos of Wei Ze wearing his pink bonnet-like headband!!!

aka the only time we leave our sampan was to line-dance

After the dance was intermission, and also the only time we had to change back into the concert attire. So the only time we had to take photos in our cute retro (well, we tried) dresses and headpieces was before the dance and during intermission!

I thought we looked really cute!!! Pity most of the guys pulled off their bow-ties and suspenders the second the curtains closed :-(

Check out Nicholas' edit on Instagram HAHAHA such mad cropping skills!

Wei Ze's attempt at a selfie...good try, boy HAHAHA


Me: Guys let's take a photo!
Nicholas: Huh me also? I don't want to take photo with you
proceeds to stand at a side and look on enviously #logic #yourloss

WEI ZE a.k.a. the brick of shit

ft. An Chun

Our 2 more, uh, professional guest players haha (Idk how else to describe them?!) they're really funny and whacky!!! I was initially really intimidated by them haha but not so much after this concert :-)

The 2 guys who talk shit with me - I'm super thankful for their company throughout the past few weeks :-))) if Xiao Feng were here this would be like the 3 Musketeers and their +1 (me) HAHA

I was quite sad because this photo got quite a bit of attention on Facebook but it was one of the photos where I looked quite bad hahaha why can't people choose a nicer photo to like/comment on :-(

P.s. Qing Kai was like "don't touch me I'm super sweaty" HAHAHA which explains the awkward hands

Wei Ze: Eh kiss leh!!!
so I was going with the ~flow~ but no, Qk looks absolutely done with me :-(

Am I the only one that think they look like farmers?!?!?

Me: Darren don't put your head so close, you'll crush my flower!!!

hahahaha Qing Kai's face here (ded)

After the concert, it was a rush to squeal hug greet friends and family who came to support us!


Thanks for coming to all my band concerts you bub!!! Especially for Bandemonium, even though you had no one to go with. I really really treasure you and you've been nothing but an angel and a blessing to me, and I hope to be to you what you are to me :-)

THE SMSB GANG + HANSOL HAHAHA THANKS GUYS FOR COMING TO EVERY SINGLE ONE OF MY CONCERTS!!! And also for the hugeass unicorn birthday balloon, cake and gift!!! I really wasn't expecting that and I have no idea how I could've missed the giant balloon from the audience!
P.s. feat. Rebecca trying to blend in with the ~surroundings~ (aka RJ) HAHA



cake and monsterbecca


You're such a funny awkward poop but thank you for being so supportive and rescheduling your other plans just to come for Bandeomonium even though you also had no one to go with hehehe (but you still owe me prata and teh peng)

The St. Gabriel's boys who came for Tune In and guest played but pulled out a few days/day before Bandemonium tSK!!! but I'm quite glad to have met them lah hahaha even though we hardly know each other, they're really friendly (and annoying and persistent and annoying persistent HAHAHA)


I really like having different groups of friends become friends!!! I think it's pretty cool and fun :-)

After about half an hour of moving instruments from the hall to the band room, I was soaked in sweat and felt extremely drained and stoned...but no matter how dead I felt, there's always reserve energy left for post-concert partying and photo-taking!!!...ok not much partying more photo-taking HAHA

This is what Damien looks like when he's shouting

Everyone else was taking section photos and stuff, so the RSB kids without proper sections just yelled "RSB SELFIE" and spammed photos HAHA but not everyone came so too bad for them

bottom photo: "ONE TWO THREE, MANHATTAN!!!!"
Hahaha Manhatten is one of the biggest inside jokes throughout Bandemonium rehearsals, so big that it probably isn't "inside" anymore

Planning to get more Sec 4s to join us next year, someone shouted "Okay all those joining RSB next year come!!!!!!!!"...and only Lu Yuan (he DSA-ed in anyway) joined us HAHAHA dang, that backfired real bad :(

the kids who made dance rehearsals SO DAMN FUN!!! I think we were the noisiest but happiest kids throughout the dance rehearsals hahaha but hey we get our dance moves pretty good!!! Hopefully there will be Sampan Crew Season 2 during A Tempo because there is no other bunch of people I would want to dance with as much as with you guys heheheh

Well, that's about all! bYEeeEEeeeeEEEeEeEE

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