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RSB Tune In 2014: Espionage

This is a really late post, but I simply couldn't not blog about Tune In! It was "the most important job of [my] job scope", according to Ervin (the Welfie in the batch above me). Somehow, what he said stuck with me through this past 8 months... To be honest, it really kind of stressed me out at times because I was reminded of the importance of Tune In and how I couldn't afford to screw it up. It doesn't help that it's my first time organising such a large-scale (well, relatively large-scale) event and I was really clueless BUT excited!!!

the rose amongst the thorns hehe jk!!!

So just a bit of background information...the Tune In Committee consists of Wei Ze and I being the overall I/Cs, Xiao Feng is Programme I/C, Qing Kai is Logistics I/C and Daryl is the Publicity I/C. But somewhere along the road (actually quite early on), the different committees just dissolved into one giant Tune In Committee haha! Which may or may not be a good thing... On one hand, we have everyone knowing what is going on at all times and everyone can help anyone; on the other hand, this could encourage some people to slack off because they think there'll always be someone else to pick up the pieces. Thankfully, it was more of the former than the latter, although certain people/person didn't do no shit lol (quite obvious who, actually) - but I shall not elaborate on that because it just makes me annoyed and why would I want to make myself annoyed. MOVING ON,

we started planning for Tune In rather late. It was only after PW OP we only had a sketchy idea of what we wanted our Tune In to be like. So basically, our theme was Espionage (just a fancy name for "secret agent", really) and we crafted a storyline hinging on that for the entire programme! It definitely took more effort than organising random station games but I'd say it was well worth it. :-) After all, we are supposed to take pride in our work and all that, right?

Anyway, because we only came up with our idea/theme quite late, and two-thirds of the band were overseas for the later half of November, we had a very short time to sort out all the details! From shooting posters, videos, preparing logistics for games, it was so rushed, there were times I really doubted if we could pull it all off.

the lil' poop was trying to flex for the photo

Thankfully, I had a really reliable co-I/C (who didn't abandon me to go overseas during rush period) to help me! Without Wei Ze, the programme would have been really flawed because my ideas are more idealistic and sometimes highly unfeasible. Wei Ze would be the one to keep me grounded and make sense of my airy-fairy ideas. Another plus point is that he also knows how dao Qing Kai is (especially after going through PW together) so we both supported each other in that aspect...okay I'm obviously not very good into translating my thoughts into words, but I hope you get the ~idea~. To be honest, I was initially very sceptical when I found out that Wei Ze would be my co-I/C for Tune In because he's quite a quiet guy if you don't talk to him much (which I didn't, at least, not a lot). This is why I'm really glad that through the experience of organising Tune In, I got to know him a little better and he is now unafraid of spewing his bullshit at me HAHAHA!

Another group of people I'm thankful for is the RSB Leftovers, which consists of Hui Shan, Clara, Wei Ze, Qing Kai and I (not so much of the last 3, so I guess it's just Hui Shan and Clara hehe). The both of them were super helpful and volunteered to help out whenever I asked them to! From helping buy logistics stuff (because our logistics I/C forever MIA ahem) to...well various saikang jobs that shouldn't be listed out because it's such a bore, I am just really touched that they wanted to help even though they weren't obliged to. :')

Also, Huiru and Nicholas dropped by around lunch time after touching down from LBA/ALPS respectively at midnight! Huiru helped to take photos of the whole event and Nic was helping me at my station. It's admirable how they came down despite being really tired from two weeks of intense physical activity (climbing mountains, camping and whatnot). It was also much more fun with them around. Wew!

Up till now, it sounds as through Tune In went through without a hitch, right? Wrong! There were countless hiccups along the course of the day.

To start with, it was raining in the morning so we had to begin our programme half an hour later, all while trying to entertain restless Sec 4s who came on time. I personally felt that the ice-breakers were not that good because I was still unsure of everyone's names and everyone was still super shy and stuff.........:(

Thankfully, the grouped ice-breakers were much less awkward, as everyone broke into smaller groups of ten or so. Each group has a bunch of yarn and they are supposed to choose a piece of yarn and wind it around their fingers while introducing themselves. The fun part lies in this: each yarn is of a different length, so the "amount" they have to say about themselves depends entirely on their choice (or rather, luck!).

"shucks why is this so long?!?!?"

I have no idea how Andrew's knife surfaced...thankfully they scrapped the idea of using it for...whatever they had intended to use it for LOL

Khiamz had to do a forfeit hehe (after his group finished the round of introductions, they probably went on to some other game)

Another hiccup was during lunch, when I got the food order a bit messed up because there were crashers, so we didn't have enough Halal food to go round. Thankfully, the "normal" lunch order was Halal lol so that was a heart attack avoided!

restless people waiting outside the band room :(

AND THEN during out introduction to the storyline, there was a bit of a delay because of time taken to set up the audio equipment etc. so the lag time was rather sian/awkward (or so I felt). On hindsight, a lot of what I felt was bad about our Tune In was the time lags...there were at least 3 time lags that I felt were absolutely terrible and dampened spirits. This was due to poor planning, actually...but hey, take it as a learning experience so next time I would be better prepared!!!

Throughout the games, I was stationed at the Balloon Fight!, which was dubbed the most violent of the 3 station games. I don't know what to feel about that, but I have no doubt that most of the Sec 4s (and RSB members) had fun!!! It was tiring, yes, but fun nonetheless :-)

Here are photos from the station games! (categorised by station)

Balloon Fight!

Saga's intense look of concentration hehe


a St. Gabriel's dude lost his sole while escaping a pack of balloon-stompers haha

Nicholas helped as my partner-in-crime in randomly stomping on participants' balloons during the final round hehe (fun fact: I can't stomp on balloons so thank goodness Nic was there to pose as an actual threat HAHA)

The Build-Up
In this game, players were blindfolded and had to have a fellow group member to guide them to pick up ice-cream sticks scattered around the classroom. They were supposed to use these sticks to build a tallest tower, but that part got scrapped because we forgot to get blue-tack :-( Qing Kai and Wei Ze helped to tweak the game a little though, so whew! another mess-up covered.

We also realised we didn't have blindfolds, so we made do with a torn-apart plastic bag and a spare RSB shirt lying around (it's clean!!!) oops

One Word
To be perfectly honest, I don't know how this game went haha but I'm assuming it went all right because I didn't hear any S.O.S-s from them! But it probably wasn't the most fun station either...ah well :(

Mass game!
The mass game, I felt, was the highlight of the programme! It would be too bleh to explain the entire game here. Anyway, suffice it to say that we all had fun running around in mud hehe

setting up for the mass game!!!

it was super tiring to shout instructions across the entire Astroturf! but quite shiok also lah heh

Losers who sat out the mass game HAHA

two generations of Cat High bosses doing forfeits (dancing to Gingham Style while singing the Cat High school song)

A wild Daryl rolling along the floor as a forfeit

Embarrassing forfeits part 3: jumping jacks!!!

at some point in time, the forfeit station consisted of only RSB members HAHA

After the mass game, the kids got to solve the mystery and we wrapped up the programme and spammed photos!!!

trying to solve the mystery

the winning team!!!

VS kids

RSB SELFIE (unskilled vs. skilled) ((jk Nic we still luv u))



"Guys, let's all be step and look in different directions while sitting on the steps"


(I received a few messages from some Sec 4s saying how much fun they had during Tune In and how "it was the best Tune In I've attended" AWWWW?!?!?)

((also judging from the number of Instagram posts of Tune In (by the Sec 4s!!!), I'm willing to bet that most of them truly did enjoy it))


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