Saturday, January 24, 2015

Aroy-Dee Thai Restaurant

The Bugis area has become somewhat of a regular haunt for me, since it's where my brother goes for tuition every week, and I'll usually study in the National Library near-by! (life of a Singaporean student...) However, the bright side is that Bugis is also walking-distance to a few cheap and good Thai restaurants! Arrayed happens to be one of them.

The Thai Iced Tea was a bit too sweet for my liking, but then, aren't most Thai iced teas meant to be really sweet and milky?

Aroy-Dee is well-known for their Phad Thai, and it certainly did not disappoint! The noodles were just chewy enough and the sauce was not overly sweet, preventing it from getting too jelly after a while.

We also enjoyed their Green Curry Chicken (which we practically inhaled!!!) and Pineapple Rice. The pineapple rice. Oh man, I cannot even begin is THAT amazing!!! Somehow, everything falls into place, with the fragrance of pineapple gracing every spoonful.

The Pandan Chicken was mediocre, not so worth the price we paid for it (I can't exactly remember how much it cost now, but it was more expensive than Nakhon's, haha)

Aroy-Dee is really a no-frills restaurant but I would patronise them again for their wonderful pineapple rice and green curry if I am around the area! It also happens that Le Confectionary (beancurd tarts!!!) is right next to Aroy-Dee, so a trip there would be doubly justified!

Aroy Dee Thai Restaurant
91 Bencoolen Street
#01-12 Sunshine Plaza
Tel: 6336 8852

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