Saturday, January 10, 2015

d'Good Café II

Had a little impromptu meet-up with Chow this morning, and we were wandering around Holland Village before settling at d'Good Café since she's a mega hardcore coffee buff! We lingered around the entrance from 9.45am until someone came around at 9.59am to open the doors! (They open at 10am) Plus points for punctuality, haha.

As I was meeting another group of friends later for brunch, I didn't plan on buying anything to eat, and Chow had her heart set on the scrambled eggs, until we saw the SWEET POTATO WAFFLES!!! It sounded so interesting and delicious we just had to go for it! It was the right decision.

Check out the purple streaks in the waffle! The waffle was crisp on the outside while being light and fluffy on the inside. The batter had a delicious hint of egg in it, which I absolutely loved. It was really $5 worth of heaven (well, $2.50 because we shared, haha)

As usual, we had a really interesting and entertaining conversation about band, relationships and really anything that came into our heads! I love talking to her because she's super insightful and I feel that we connect really well, so she really gets me. :-) Thank you for being there for me when I really needed someone to talk to and ~offload emotional baggage~ hahaha love you Chow (but love waffles more)

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