Sunday, January 25, 2015

Kai's 18th

It was Qing Kai's birthday last Monday, so Wei Ze, Xiao Feng and I decided to throw a mini surprise...thing for him! We originally planned to invite his secondary school friends to RJ and surprise him after school, with cake, huge-ass balloons and all the works. Sadly, due to conflicting schedules, we weren't able to get his friends to come so it was just the three of us.

JW: Who are his close friends?
XF: In class, it's Wei Ze and I. In band, it's the 3 of us.

HAHAHAHAHA but that made planning the whole thing much easier. We reached school around 7.15am to ~lie in wait~ for Kai, anticipating that he would walk into class from the staircase nearest a certain block.

After 20 minutes, he still didn't show up, despite us arranging with his classmates to tell him to report earlier as "his CT wanted to make an announcement"...but that was to be expected. It's Qing Kai, after all, haha!

I love this photo!!! He looks so mysterious hahaha, poster-worthy, in my opinion.

Okay so after waiting for about half an hour or so, Qing Kai walked towards us from the opposite direction from what we had expected with a really confused face, asking "Eh what's going on?" Aw man, I didn't even notice him until he spoke HAHAHA what a failed surprise...

Being the ever-resourceful and persevering ninjas we were, we managed to somehow pull off bits of our original surprise plan on him while he was still in his dazed and confused just-got-out-of-bed state. We sprayed women's perfume on him and Wei Ze pounced on him to get the birthday board over his head! Xiao Feng managed to take a (very very very bad) video (in which you can hardly see a thing) but it captured the atmosphere of the moment really well. :-)

I think he was a bit surprised lah hahaha and it was really fun doing it, so it wasn't all for nothing!

We made this huge board for Kai to wear/carry around school throughout the day (what a pity it was tutorial day for him) and apparently some random guy came up to him to give him a hug!!! Nice haha that was my original intention, believe it or not. I didn't even think of it being like a hint for me to hug him or anything!!! (which I didn't even get to, so)

After hastily packing up the stuff from the surprise, we ran back to class/lecture theatre because we were just bordering on being late.

After his H3 lessons ended, we went to d'Good Café at Holland Village because giant birthday frappés!!! Xiao Feng went to the post office to collect some parcel so we went off without him first!

"Eh help me take a photo"
"Eee not nice, take again!"
this went on like more than 10 times...and to think I was the only girl there, sigh

editing his selfie LOL

I had quite a good time talking with the boys, I feel like one of them already! (of course it's not anything to want to be, but...) In fact, I remember when we were walking past some random girl who Xiao Feng stopped to talk to, Wei Ze teased him about her and said she was his "girl friend". Then I jokingly asked if I was his "girl friend" as well and they were both like "No!!! You're a man-friend man you're like a bro" HAHAHAHAHA

Happy 18th, Kai! Thank you for existing- I can't (and don't want to) imagine my world without you. (yuck)

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