Saturday, January 10, 2015

Nakhon Kitchen

I travelled all the way from Bukit Timah to Bedok to have Nakhon Kitchen with Chow last Wednesday! I was going to treat her to lunch as a form of saying thank-you for lending me her trekking shoes to Vietnam and for increasing their wear-and-tear hahaha!

Her dad drove us there from Bedok MRT station, so if I were to go there by myself, I probably would still be quite lost. Anyway, we got there around 11.15am and they just opened not long ago. Hence, we were able to quickly snag a seat in the corner of the restaurant (it was hardly a restaurant, though, more of a very casual eatery) We noticed that there was a steady stream of people coming and queuing as we started eating! So yes, the queue can be quite long if you come during peak-hour.

Thai Iced Tea ($3)
This was really really sweet! I couldn't finish my cup hahaha, but it is very useful for washing out the flames that will arise later on.

The Pineapple Rice ($6) and the Pandan Chicken ($6 for 4 pieces) were superb!!! The Pineapple Rice had generous chunks of pineapple and various ingredients in it, and the rice was lightly sweetened as well, making for a delicious dish by itself. The Pandan Chicken was a bit oily, but the meat was so juicy and succulent! The panda flavour was very subtle, which is fine by me.

The Thai Fish Cakes ($6 for 4 pieces) were a bit too charred, but maybe this is just a one-off thing and doesn't usually happen, because Chow said that usually it's really good!

We also ordered a Seafood Tom Yum (Thick Base) for $6, and it was yummy as well! However, tom yum doesn't exactly go with pineapple rice so we had to drink it on its own. It isn't very spicy, and is actually a bit sweet! The clear version is a lot spicier, so I've heard. It was also very addictive, and it took all I had not to drink the entire bowl!

With nett prices, I would say Nakhon Kitchen is extremely worth the money! It is also rather accessible, as they have branches in Hougang, Ang Mo Kio and Holland Village as well (!!!). I do see myself patronising Nakhon often in the near future!!!

Nakhon Kitchen
136 Bedok North Avenue 3
Tel: 6245 5548

527 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 10

212 Hougang Street 21
Tel: 6286 8785

27A Lorong Liput Holland Village
Tel: 6469 6862

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