Saturday, January 10, 2015

New Year New Me?

I've been contemplating this post for a while now and I've decided to post it, because making my resolutions for the year ahead public would increase my accountability toward it, and the people around me (assuming they're reading this) can help remind me of them as well! Hahaha, also, I'd like to be able to review them at the end of the year so I suppose it'd be real convenient to just put it all in a blog post.

1. Walk with God
I think this is something I've seriously neglected and I really don't want to drift further and further away from Him. It all stems from a strong foundation, just as in any other relationship. Concrete actions I can take to achieve this would be to do QT every day and to pray continuously.

2. Spend less time on social media
I realised I've been wasting huge amounts of time just scrolling through my Facebook/Instagram/Twitter/ feed and that time could definitely have been better used. I've since deleted both Twitter and (just the apps though, not my accounts) so now I'm left with Facebook (which is good because hardly do people use that to express themselves) and Instagram (danger zone haha) but hopefully limiting the avenues of social media I've access to will slowly make me bored of social media huehue

3. Be a better friend/daughter/sister/granddaughter/student
Essentially be a better person hahahaha

4. Achieve mind-over-body dominance!!!
Haha okay this is really awkwardly phrased so I shall attempt to explain it. Basically, I think it's a really powerful ability to have a strong mind that can overcome most material pains e.g. hunger, fatigue, etc. It's the power to say "No, I'm not tired and I'm going to finish this" in the face of sian-ness/tiredness/laziness/etc. It's different from being delusional, it's being strong.

5. Stick to my resolutions

la tee da byEEeeEeEEeEEEe

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