Sunday, January 25, 2015

Pacamara Boutique Coffee Roasters

Pacamara Boutique Coffee Roasters is a welcome addition to the stretch of eateries along Upper Thomson. They were previously OZ Specialty Coffee in another building in Thomson (Thomson V? I'm not too sure) but relocated to the more prominent corner-unit of the Upper Thomson stretch, just beside Fat Boys. They now have a much bigger seating capacity for diners to enjoy a leisurely brunch, instead of being cooped inside a tiny shop space previously.

As you walk in, you notice a few things. 1) The hipsters with large spectacles, cut-off chinos and fitted shirts and gelled hair/intentionally-messy-but-still-nice hair; 2) white spaces!!! and 3) natural sunlight shining through the entire café. In other words, I love the decor here haha. There is something elegant in being minimalistic, yet not sparse.

This was the first third-of-third (Chow and I decided quite some time ago to meet every third Wednesday of the month for food and talks haha) but were in a bit of a hurry, so we quickly placed our orders, though not without an agonising few minutes of deciding and deliberating.

The food came pretty quickly, after about five to ten minutes? Anyway, it only really matters when you're in a hurry. Otherwise, how fast you're served doesn't really make a difference because the whole point of meeting someone for a meal is to talk and enjoy each other's company, no?

The couple seated next to us purposely leaned backwards so they wouldn't be in our photo hahaha how nice of them :-)

Truffle fries ($8), which were okay as being ~things~ to munch on, but the truffle wasn't very apparent here. I would be sorely disappointed had I been expecting very much of it. Truthfully, we only ordered this for the sake of it, and everything else was either too filling or too expensive haha! We were saving ourselves for...

...this!!! The Truffled Eggs Benedict ($18) was amazing. Perfectly poached eggs atop wilted spinach and ham, all resting on a slice of toasted brioche, with truffled hollandaise sauce generously poured over the whole ensemble.

I was in heaven even before breaking the egg yolk. In fact, it was so good, I almost forgot about the egg yolk (which is usually the bit I look forward to most). The buttery brioche was perfect, complementing the savoury thick slices of ham and hollandaise sauce. The wilted spinach, though not very distinct in taste, added a bit of...sophistication to it all. Every bite was sublime.

and when we got around to breaking the egg yolk, this beautiful mess happened. Scooping up runny yolk with brioche and savouring every bit of it was our main occupation for the next few minutes, before our plate was clean and our tummies duly satisfied.

I'm definitely coming back again someday, when I'm less broke, for the lovely Truffle Eggs Benedict. I'd also love to try the salted caramel french toast that's so highly raved among food bloggers. It was a very lovely dining experience and though pricey, I feel that the positive externalities are well-worth it. (lol)

[Edit: So yes, I did "come back again someday" haha which was for brunch on Mama Wee's birthday!!! We were one of the first customers to arrive, bright and early at 9am, and were rewarding with choice seats and speedy service. There was a queue forming slightly after 9.45am, so yes, they do fill up rather fast.

This morning, we ordered the Salted Caramel Banana French Toast, Sweet Potato Fries, Truffled Eggs Benedict, and a flat white.

The Sweet Potato Fries ($8) were really yummy!!! I didn't really like them at first, but after munching down a few fries, the sweet potato taste started to come through. I also loved that the fries were very crisp on the outside (bordering on hard!!!) yet soft-ish and mealy inside. The saltiness from the fries made an excellent appetiser or snack, preparing our tummies for the main courses (if you can call a breakfast item that...)

Truffled Eggs Benedict wasn't as wonderful as I had remembered it to be...could it be a drop in quality, or just a one-off thing? Or maybe, just maaaaaaybe, it didn't taste as great because it paled in comparison to another dish we had...

yes, that must be it!!! The Salted Caramel Banana French Toast ($16) was probably what brunch was made for. I don't remember much about the toast itself, beside from it being thick and soft enough the absorb and mop up the absolutely divine salted caramel sauce!!! Their salted caramel sauce is made in-house and is really something! It complemented the banana coins and sweet granola clumps so well...I was really tempted to finish the whole thing by myself. (but of course I exercised self-control...ahem)

'twas another pleasant experience at Pacamara! I don't really like visiting the same café twice (lol) because I'm always for trying something new. However, Pacamara has proven itself to be worthy of multiple visits, except for the steep prices haha but I guess dining there really does feel like a treat, so I would go back again. :-)]

Pacamara Boutique Coffee Roasters
185 Upper Thomson Road
Tuesdays - Sundays: 9am - 11pm

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