Saturday, January 10, 2015

The Roti Prata House

The Roti Prata House along Upper Thomson is probably one of the more famous prata establishments in town. It is also a convenient 10-minute (well, 15 if you're strolling) walk from school, so I've had the luxury (or is it?) of eating there with friends for a quick lunch fix on too many occasions to count. 

I've always been an egg or plain prata kind of person, but after scrolling through reviews on Burpple, I found out that I have been missing out all this while. Their Bomb Cheese prata appeared to be very popular and was very highly raved about by the Burpple community. I just had to check it out!

To celebrate the first 12.30pm day of Year 6, Ariel, Audrey, Chloe, Ernest and I went to Prata House for lunch on a whim! I ordered the Bomb Cheese prata, even after finding out that it cost $4.50, which is ridiculous for a single prata. I had such high hopes for it!

When the prata came, it looked extremely unimpressive but I still maintained my excitement, seeing as Prata House is a no-frills establishment and it was unfair to expect good presentation. Cutting through the prata, I expected melted cheese to be oozing out (based on what I read on Burpple, which included "molten cheese"). I was sorely disappointed - there was nothing molten leaking out of the prata at all. :-(

I found out that the Cheese Bomb was actually just prata filled with cream cheese, normal sliced cheese and perhaps a bit of butter. The cheese was very predominant throughout the prata, pity I'm not that big on cheese (so why did I order the Cheese Bomb again?!? haha) It was pleasant to eat, but definitely not worth parting with $4.50 for!!! No regrets though, because I'm glad I got to try it for myself and make my own personal judgment.

We also ordered a Paper Prata Milk to share. It was basically a paper prata with condensed milk drizzled over it. I felt the prata was too fried, making it almost cracker-like. Probably wouldn't order their paper pratas again, because I like the crispy yet soft kind of paper prata! But again, that's a personal preference. :-)

I would advice going for their maggie/bee hoon goreng (REALLY GOOD!) or standard egg/cheese/plain pratas haha because those have never failed me, all the times I've eaten there! The murtabaks are worth a try too, but can be extremely guilty, if you know what I mean...haha!

No photos of the prata, because we were all hungry and prata isn't that photogenic to begin with.

The Roti Prata House
246M Upper Thomson Road
Singapore 574370
Tel: 6459 5260

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