Monday, February 23, 2015

RSBai nian

With very little planning, we managed to hold a decent potluck/BBQ party on the third day of the Chinese New Year! :-) Almost full strength...with 11/15 of us hehe wow! We wanted to invite the juniors as well but it was a little too last minute and most of them couldn't make it, so it got scrapped to just a batch thing.

The funny thing is, most of us live in the west/north yet we all pretty much willingly travelled across the country to BedOK for the party at Chow's place. It was a really nice time with too much food, chill company and too little nice lighting HAHA but I quite like how the photos turned out. I think I've (finally) found my editing style, and really can't wait to shoot more!!!!!!!

Khiam Wee poking at the fire

I think when it comes to BBQs, the gender stereotypes are reversed haha now the guys are doing the cooking

"You watch out ah!!!"

Daryl was our deejay for the evening. Now we know why he always has his headphones on!- he has really cool music taste haha

"OooOoOOoOoooOh can I smell the teriyaki sauce????"


Damien's eyes though HAHAHAHAHA

clearly missed the memo for a "normal shot" ah well #alwayshappens

When it got dark, I gave up trying to take photos and left it to Muyu who very cleverly made a reflector out of a plastic bag so his dark-lit photos are much nicer haha!

this looks like something taken with a film camera, no? :'-)

aiseh biceps!!!

Muyu's dad made this potato salad which was deceivingly healthy (cos of bakwa) AND SO DARN GOOD?!?!?!?


Darren preparing his tuna crackers!

of course Andrew started the fire...haha

this right here, kids, is true love

too many things happening in one photo...?!?!?

blur photo but I think it captures the moment perfectly :-)

really really REALLY good steak!!! I especially loved the fatty bits aaaah #thestruggleisreal

diabetic bouquet/diabetes on a stick

don't even ask what was happening....hahaha!

same here

look at the droopy marshmallows!!!!!! and ignore my spastic face

afterward we burnt the rest of the fire starters and watched the beautiful fire

dubious sillhouettes

Andrew cutting the hugeass chunk of steak we BBQed hehe (it was dAmn good!?!?)

also yes note the obvious decrease in photo quality HAHA

there were really good vibes when we kind of settled down to play truth or dare (more like truth or truth lol) and just talk~~~~~

It's funny because I don't really hang out with the people in this photo on a regular basis (other than Chow), yet we were able to joke around and chill comfortably! I got to know some people a lot better that night and maybe altered my impression of them quite a bit!!! It's quite sad though, because it feels like it takes a particular circumstance that forces us to be together for us to actually get to know one well, it was a cOolz night :-)))