Thursday, February 19, 2015

Happy Anniversary, S03H!

The other day, S03H decided to celebrate our one-year anniversary of being a class a.k.a. one year since we met each other and our CT, Mrs Kwie, in that dodgy B4-something classroom, with a massive gender divide except for Ernest who sat with the girls (literally since Day 1 HAHA)

chiong-changing in the girls' toilet haha

Since the first period of Tuesdays is Civics, we planned to change into our secondary school uniforms after assembly and "re-enact" the scene in aforementioned dodgy B4-something classroom, and surprise Mrs Kwie!

It was quite a successful surprise...except Mrs Kwie didn't really show much emotion but I believe she was inwardly happy??? HAHAHA we got her a cupcake from da Paolo as well so she had to be makes everything good!

Well, she *had* to be in a good mood because she was the one who suggested we take a class photo haha and usually she isn't the type to be enthusiastic about photo-taking!

After Civics, our next period was GP, and Mrs Koh was mighty amused by our ~diverse~ #ootds haha! She also wanted to take a photo with us lol and there was no hesitation when she asked...the difference between our two teachers, haha!

"Are you all on board the Jasbir Express?!?!?"

Tuesdays are tutorial days so we stayed in uniform for the entire school day. I've forgotten how comfortable wearing the SMSS school uniform is!!! Good-bye to restrictive waistbands and awkward puffy blouses! Along the course of the day, we took a lot of photos as well and generally goofed around quite a bit. It was quite funny when we overheard a few groups of Y6s who past us mutter "How are these Y5s so bonded already" HAHAHA (that day was still part of the ~transition~ period when the Y5s could wear either secondary/JC uniform)

A lot of people also commented that our class was "so cute!!!" haha yay I'm so glad we have these kinds of weird things to make JC life a little less monotonous :-) It's times like these when I feel incredibly happy to be in this class (of course, there are other times as well psh)...

"Lonely people photo!!!" haha basically we are the JAE kids with single representation in S03H :(

JAE kids!!! I love how all the different uniforms appear in this photo aaah :-)

Ernest the smurf who can't smile

these are the daughters of a better age

oddballs!!! thanks for making class life fun life, friends :-)


strong independent women don't need no Valentine!

obviously missed the memo to look sultry but IZ K

so many things are going on in this picture Idek



MASSIVE ALY POSE aka giant hug haha

"Let's do the Ernest face!"

bushybrowed is now bushybearded

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