Sunday, February 01, 2015

Open House 2015: Raffles Palette

Open House this year was themed Palette, probably meaning to showcase the different "colours" of life in Raffles! I don't really know haha, it's just my guess. Anyway, I signed up to be a Befriender because as a non-RP Rafflesian, I felt I was in a good position to talk to the incoming potential Year 5s from the O-Level schools about transitioning from secondary school to JC, and in particular, Raffles lol.

Leading up to Open House (7 Jan if I'm not wrong...yes this post is extremely overdue :(), a lot of us stayed back after school to prepare the streamers and goodie bags, not forgetting to set up CCA booths on top of that!

Here is Ariel, Audrey and I, very happy and proud of the streamers we assembled together with our dysfunctional streamer-production line (including Clara haha)

Our band booth!!! It's supposed to show the RSB journey for my batch, haha!

Last-minute fix-ups to the booth

S03H OGLs/Befrienders!!!

FATTY MCNUGGETS check out Ariel at the back, the queen of derp faces haha!

We were so awkward with the Griffles mascot partly because it felt strange not knowing who was inside it but knowing s/he's your batchmate and just... ._.

Then we were the first in line to get Ramly burgers (3 for $10!) hahaha what fatties we are

I got to bring a few of Audrey's friends around the campus (touring duties) and it was fun sharing my experiences with them about JC life!

Okay so something really embarrassing happened just before this photo was taken. We were looking for someone to help us take a photo, and this guy wearing the Team Raffles polo shirt came along, so I asked him to help us take a photo, using my DSLR. Generally, a lot of the people I ask to help me take photos (in my past experience) don't know to look into the viewfinder/where the shutter button is, so I pointed the viewfinder and shutter button to this guy, saying "You look in here, then press this button" and guess what his response was...

"Ya I know, I'm a photographer" then he moved a bit such that I saw the "Photographer" label on his collar...OH MAN hahaha I felt so embarrassed :( but yay, at least his shots for us had some quality control to it haha!

I left earlier to get ready for band's performance at the MPH. After that, we had lunch and then went off to the library to lepak for a while. It was quite funny, because the librarian kept coming in to check on us, on the (probably pretend) pretext of running some errand, suspecting that we were up to no good when really, all we did was to sit on the sofas and stone/talk (softly!)

some photos we took and had printed, courtesy of the Raffles Photography Society haha

Afterward, it was time for our second performance and with that over, we moved the instruments and stands etc. one MRT station-distance to the band room on the other side of campus. With everyone sweaty and tired, we had a short debrief before our batch cooled off in the back room for batch meeting!

It went quite all right I suppose, discussing things like how we could improve administrative stuff, setting direction and goals for the coming year, all that.

Matchy-matchy socks with Huiru!!! This was totally unplanned hahaha

Quite gross how Huiru and I unintentionally pulled the exact same face in all three shots...

A few of them went to town for dinner but I couldn't join them so :( :( :(

Whew I hope I never procrastinate posts for this long ever again because memory gets hazy and enthusiasm fades hahaha oops

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