Saturday, February 07, 2015

Wah Chee

My friends from ACJC kept going on about how delicious and affordable food at Wah Chee was, so I absolutely had to go the highly-raved eating house (wouldn't exactly call this a restaurant...?).

I visited twice - once on an early Saturday evening, around 5pm and another on Saturday evening, around 6.30pm. The difference in crowds was significant. At 5pm, there were only a few other patrons, and none of them were having a "proper meal", mostly just a few uncles having drinks and chit-chatting. At 6.30pm, however, there were long queues for takeaway, as well as eager would-be patrons watching tables with eagle eyes, hoping to get seated as soon as possible. The "prime time" to visit is entirely up to you.

Fried rice with prawns ($4)
The fried rice was super fragrant! Delicious and I could easily finish the whole plate by myself if not for the mega huge carb content haha! The prawns were pretty fresh and...satisfying, if you get what I mean. Not the meh shrimpy kinds but the juicy, pink, fat prawns! The scent of egg and chives enhanced the flavour of the rice wonderfully.

Salted Egg Yolk Chicken ($10?)
The salted egg yolk sauce was just all right, but maybe that's because I was expecting a lot from it, as it's Victoria's most raved-about dish at Wah Chee! It was satisfying, yes, but lacked the oomph factor that would make me crave it again and again.

Spinach with Three Eggs ($can't remember lol)
SUPER GOOD!!! The eggy soup stock was really addictive (because salty?) and the vegetables were cooked to just the right softness. Yet, the quality was quite inconsistent. When I ordered it on my second visit, there was much less egg and the dish felt rather limp. But it's a fair chance I suppose, since even at its "lower point" it was still reasonably tasty.

Cereal chicken ($10)
Love love love love love the cereal chicken here!!! The cereal is not overly fried so you don't feel a sore throat coming on after indulging in heaping spoonfuls of cereal. Though the chicken meat isn't as tender and generous in serving, the way it was fried, combined with the cereal, made it spectacular. I would dare to go so far as to say that this is by far the best cereal-thing (prawn, chicken, whatever, I'm really just looking forward to the cereal haha) I've eaten!

Salted Egg Yolk Squid ($12)
The salted egg yolk sauce was nice, but a bit too salty for my liking! The batter was also quite thick, and I was semi-full when this came, so I guess that's what made it almost a chore to eat. I think it would be much better if the sauce were thicker and the taste of egg yolk stronger. It would also be nice if the batter were lighter, in a sense, making it much less jelat. Perhaps its because this is their signature dish and almost every table orders a portion so it's mass-cooked and the quality is somewhat compromised due to stressful cooking conditions (especially when speed of service is such an issue in the F&B industry!)

I kind of wished I studied in AC so I can eat at Wah Chee more often (it's literally a stone's throw from Hansol's house...that lucky girl!) hahaha but yes, it's definitely a good place for delicious and affordable tze char!

Wah Chee
5 Dover Crescent
Singapore 130005
Tel: +65 6778 3567
Opening hours: 1100-2330

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