Saturday, March 07, 2015

Viva I'Italia! (SNYO March concert)

SNYO Bassoon section for the March 2015 concert

Yesterday marked my last concert with SNYO before going off for exam break (A Lvls in 8 months whaAAAT) and it was a really enjoyable concert season :-) I got to play with the Main Orchestra as well because the other YO bassoonists weren't free to commit to this concert so it was a first for me - playing the standard bassoon with YO haha! The only other time I've played with them was on the contrabassoon last July.

SNYO Woodwinds

Rehearsals were honestly quite tiring because it started when schoolwork started to pick up as well. My Thursday nights and Saturdays were practically devoted to rehearsals haha but it didn't feel like that big a trade-off because I honestly enjoyed rehearsals! A large part of it has to do with the pieces we were playing - La Gazza Ladra Overture, Dance of the Hours from La Gioconda and William Tell Overture. Another part of it involves the people whom I was playing alongside! The YO woodwinds sections are an incredible bunch of people who are really talented and passionate about their music yet also can have fun and joke around after rehearsals. It was cool hanging with them and they made me feel very included even though I was new (ish) so that was nice!!!

Another thing that has been so amazing this concert was the both of us falling ill a week before, and never really fully recovering (even until today LOL) It was funny because on Friday night, after a crazy band practice that left us all mad tired and half-dead, I texted him asking him to pray for me because I felt myself on the verge of falling ill, and he replied me "Same I'm having a fever" and then bam! the next day I was down with a fever as well...then on Tuesday we missed school and then missed band on Wednesday but all that rest still couldn't completely heal us. So during Thursday and concert day rehearsals, the both of us were hacking away rather awkwardly hahaha. I guess I'm just thankful that God gave us the strength to perform despite the illness, and I'm glad we were able to go through this together because I felt I could really empathise with him and give ~support~! So yes, WE SURVIVED THE WEEK WEAK!!!!!! this pun thing never gets dull haha

I'm also super thankful to have Kai with me throughout this whole concert journey because it is extremely comforting to have a friend with you especially when you're thrown in a situation where you're not especially close to anyone and you're left being all awkward and drifty...if you get what I mean. I definitely felt more confident and comfortable in YO because of his presence haha yet at the same time. Thank you thank you thank you for everything lah I don't wish to reveal too much here because I think some memories will last even without documentation. :-)

I played contrabassoon for Italian Rhapsody (YO/YS combined piece) haha it was cool but I'm still struggling with the gigantic instrument :(

One other surprise was Xiang Yu haha. I briefly knew him from the Cat High boys/when he came to RSB for Tune In last year, but never really got to interact with him personally very much. I totally expected him to be a shit but though he lived up to that expectation, he also showed himself to be a really sweet person?!?!? I was very very surprised when he offered to help me carry the contrabassoon, my standard bassoon, help me ask the officers regarding certain stuff, take water, hold doors, take tuners, stands etc. Like, WOW Xiang Yu can actually be a decent human being when he wants to!!! All the best in JC kiddo, and I'll see you around (-:

This concert is also the first time I'm playing with such a big section! 5 bassoonists, wow. Ever so grateful for our section mother Mok Cheong (on the far right) haha he's been a really patient with me, guiding me along and giving me tips on how to play the passages I struggled with. Couldn't have asked for a better sectionmate/mentor for my first YO concert performance!!!

It's quite cool how we are re-united hehe I first met Adeline when I was in Sec 1 or 2 through some band exchange programme between St. Marg's and Nanyang Girls' because we shared the same conductor! Since then, we kind of lost touch until I met her again during her SNYO audition haha. Now we get to play together again!!!

RIMB/RSB represent in SNYO :-)

Thaaaaank you Clarise for coming down to watch the concert!!! Though it would've been cooler if you'd performed with us hehe ;-)

Last but not least, I'm immensely thankful to my parents for all the support they've given, and shown through ferrying me to and from rehearsals even if they're super tired and would love nothing more than to rest at home. No photo because mom was feeling rather unwell and we left quickly so we could get home earlier but yep thanks guys :))))

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